Warning: You Will Die Laughing At This Too!

March 13, 2007

Where the F*ck is Carmen Sandiego?
Your favorite game show, all grown up.

— embedded video clip.

— linkswipe from Pajiba

Oh. This Guy Is So Good!

March 13, 2007

And you all think I’m rude.

Hell, I are but a silly, flaccid amateur.

Dick Cheney Opens His Maw to AIPAC

Few things in this world are more frightening than the sight of Dick Cheney speaking in front of a group of powerful people, for, indeed, in those moments, we see the Vice President toss off his discomforting Ming the Merciless disguise and reveal the hideous, slithering and undulating ooze that is his real being, the kind of stench-ridden viscosity that’d make Cthulhu say, “Holy fuck, that’s scary.”

Warning: You Will Die Laughing

March 13, 2007

No, really. I’m not fooling!


I’m typing this from The Other Side.

Because I went and looked at this: Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Join me.

You know you hate life.

Apple rules over here.


WordPress Woes… Again

March 13, 2007

Aha! It’s not just me! It’s struck someone else too! From the Forums:

Since Sunday (3/11) and continuing this morning (3/12) I have been trying to create a new post. Problems: 1) image disappears after ‘save and continue editing’; 2) new text disappears and old show after ‘save and continue editing’.

This is the first time I’ve had any difficulties with WP. Back-end issue?

A reply:

Yes, I think it’s a data center synching issue. Send in a feedback with specific examples and in the meantime, only post once and assume it’s going to be okay. I believe that once the data centers all catch up it should show up just fine.

Someone else chimes in with that too.

I just had a post disappear on me.

I think I’m (cue spooky music from Bernard Herrmann) being monitored!

I smell… Finns.

After publishing that Disch post, then noticing two sentences were missing, I went back and added the two sentences. I republished it. The sentences were there.

I just looked.

The sentences are gone!


Judie Risks Her Life Linking To Me!

March 13, 2007

Mike Asks if Apple Holds the Key…

Oh she is so funny!

WordPress/Firefox Woes Continue

March 13, 2007

Something is still freaky here. That last post about Disch really got mangled and I had to go in and redo it after it was published. Anyone getting that via a feed is probably going WTF?

I might have to unintsall and reinstall Firefox.

I’ve already updated Java.

If this does not end soon I will pull my hair out.

And not just on my head!

Writer Tom Disch Catches On To The Political Scam That’s Been Going On For Over Twenty Years

March 13, 2007

At Home in Our Police State

I no longer see left and right as political alternatives but simple as the two stones of an all-grinding mill.

— linkswipe from Warren Ellis

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