LifeDrive Notes: Software To Try And Video Conversion

Palm Addicts is filled with goodies today:

Display Manager 1.3 is out

Henk has upgraded his Display Manager. Control the state of the dynamic input area and the screen rotation like never before.

With DisplayManager you can set the state of the dynamic input area, the screen rotation, the state of the on-screen graffiti and the input area mode for each application and also change them on the fly.

Screen capture

Have you ever wanted to capture your palm’s screen when you passed a game or show someone what you are seeing on your palm? There are apps out there that do this, screen capture, like your print button in Windows.

Palm/Treo Web Video Generator

Palm/Treo Web Video Generator may have potential allowing you to watch You Tube video’s on your Palm device […]

How to transcode video for your Palm

If you like to watch video podcasts on your Palm but experience choppy video here is what to do.

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