I Want My Nobel Prize In Physics, Goddammit!

For at least fifteen years I’ve been saying light is a strand.

I happened to mention it in passing without any elaboration in this blog!

So what’s published today?

The universe is a string-net liquid
15 March 2007
From New Scientist Print Edition.

This led Wen and Levin to the idea that there may be a different way of thinking about matter. What if electrons were not really elementary, but were formed at the ends of long “strings” of other, fundamental particles? They formulated a model in which such strings are free to move “like noodles in a soup” and weave together into huge “string-nets”.

Light and matter unified
The pair ran simulations to see if their string-nets could give rise to conventional particles and fractionally charged quasi-particles. They did. They also found something even more surprising. As the net of strings vibrated, it produced a wave that behaved according to a very familiar set of laws – Maxwell’s equations, which describe the behaviour of light. “A hundred and fifty years after Maxwell wrote them down, here they emerged by accident,” says Wen.

— emphasis added by me.

Bill Gates and his bullshit Think Weeks never intuited that!

Myhrvold was too busy being a Gates lackey.

I want my Nobel Prize, goddammit!

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