Thank You, Matt!

Changing the Web at 21

WordPress is one of the most widely used pieces of blogging software on the Net. We use WordPress everyday to spread our ideas and connect with people all around the world, but how many of you actually know who created WordPress?

Type “Matt” into Google and you have your answer. Matt Mullenweg is the #1 most important Matt in the world, according to Google, as well as the founding developer of WordPress. The kicker is that he is only 23 and he released WordPress 2 years ago, when he was 21. Matt was born in Houston, Texas and moved to San Francisco in 2005 to work for CNET Networks.

After quitting his job at CNET in late 2005, he has devoted the majority of his time to developing a number of open source projects and is now a frequent speaker at conferences. In late 2005, he founded Automattic, the business behind WordPress and the spam-catching software we all love, Akismet.

In November of 2005, WordPress stopped being invite only and opened up to the world.

Matt is also the guy behind Ping-O-Matic, the software that pings search engines when a user publishes a new blog post. This has been instrumental in getting all of our blogs indexed by the search engines. It is great too because Google search results have a special love for blogs that the other big name search engines do not appear to match. Ping-O-Matic has helped our blogs reach a much larger audience, thanks to Matt’s work.

I had no bloody idea.

Thanks, Matt!

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