Wow! Two Great Posts On One Blog: Blogging And That Dinosaur Viacom

Top 10 Ways to Piss Off Bloggers (Including Me)

This does not apply to me. I decided, thanks to years of stalkers, to make this blog a dictatorship. No Comments. Besides that, I’m not looking to build that thing my throat chokes on when I try to say it: a “community.” Too often, places become polarized between annoying sycophants and sociopathic stalkers, both of whom chase away normal people who might actually have something worthwhile to say. Not here! Nyahahahaha!

Google, YouTube and Viacom – 5 Reasons I Think Viacom is Right And 5 Reasons They Will Fail

Now Viacom is no small company and I am certain that they have been in similar situations, perhaps not to this magnitude though. I think that even though I believe they are in the right, they have a huge chance of failure.

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Viacom Shows The World It’s A Company Of Assholes

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