Conan Doyle Is Spinning Like A Top

March 16, 2007

WB to Re-Imagine Sherlock Holmes By Giving Him a Sword

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No Fourth Guy With A Gun? No Gun At All? No Surprise!

March 16, 2007

Three Officers To Be Indicted In Bell Case

Three of the five officers involved in the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Sean Bell last November will be indicted when the charges are announced by the Queens distict attorney on Monday, according to attorneys for the three detectives.

The Queens D.A.’s office announced Friday afternoon that a Queens grand jury had reached a decision after nearly two months of reviewing evidence and hearing testimony.

The results will be unsealed Monday morning, at which point the three detectives will surrender to authorities and be formally charged.

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Die You Meth Bastards! Die! Die! Die!

March 16, 2007

$206 million in meth money seized in Mexico

MEXICO CITY — In the largest cash seizure in Mexican history, authorities confiscated $206 million in U.S. currency from a band of methamphetamine producers headquartered in a ritzy neighborhood here, officials said today.

Two of the seven people arrested at the home were Chinese, and authorities said the bust hinted at the vast scope of an illegal drug trade that links Mexico to Asia.

Authorities said the arrests came after an investigation that began in December, when authorities seized 20 tons of pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in the production of methamphetamines, at the Mexican Pacific port of Lazaro Cardenas.

Mexican drug trafficking organizations have become increasing important in the wholesale and retail trade in methamphetamines in the United States because American authorities have placed tougher controls on the sale of the chemicals used to produce the highly addictive drug.

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There Is A Righteous Rage (Global Edition)

March 16, 2007

Utrecht: Ethnic Riots after Dutchman is Killed by Police

Ondiep, a working class neighbourhood in the Dutch town of Utrecht, is in turmoil. After the death last Sunday of Rinie Mulder, a 54-year old indigenous Dutchman who was shot by a police officer, non-immigrant citizens went on a rampage, burning cars, looting shops and arsoning a community centre in “inverted Paris style riots.” According to our sources the police officer who killed Mulder is a woman of Moroccan origin.

The Ondiep residents have been complaining for months about harassment and intimidation by immigrant youths of Moroccan origin. The Dutch mainstream media do not go into much detail about what is going on. Most of them do not mention the ethnicity of the victim and the police officer, though the riots clearly have an ethnic nature.

Apparently Mulder intervened when Muslim youths harassed a pregnant native Dutch woman. He was able to grab the knife of one of the youths. When the police arrived Mulder was shot because he had raised the knife. Witnesses say Mulder was indicating to the police that he had called for them.

Locals claim the police has failed to protect them for years. They say the authorities are afraid of the immigrants and tolerate their criminal behaviour. After the death of Mulder the indigenous Dutch decided they had had enough and started riots which went on for two continuous nights. The police made 130 arrests: 60 of them are Ondiep residents. According to the mainstream media the others are mainly “football hooligans” from other parts of the country. Annie Brouwer-Korf, the Socialist mayor of Utrecht, has ordered Ondiep to be sealed off from the rest of town to keep non-residents out. She expressed some sympathy for the frustrated Ondiep residents. “I understand that residents are sometimes upset about the nuisance around their own house and neighbourhood. That does you no good whatsoever.”

Ah, Finally! A Place To Rest My Weary Soul!

March 16, 2007

The Cynic’s Sanctuary

Remove your shoes before entering, you unclean dogs. It is holy ground you will tread upon!

Homework: Cynics

Background: 9 Bad Boys of Philosophy

Wikipedia: Cynic

Tech prOn: More About The Samsung Ultra Ultra MPC

March 16, 2007

SlashGear has gone all hyperactive over the new Samsung Q1U (I vote that’s how everyone refers to it from now on to make it easy to Google!). There’s a ton of pictures and promises, promises of video demos.

Personally, I’m torn. Steve aka Chippy says the keyboard is just too small. And he owns a Pepper Pad 3 to compare it to!

Keyboard is very small. Tiny in fact. I have small fingers and was having a lot of trouble. The feedback is nicer than that on the Pepper Pad but the spacing is way too small. Not impressed but will give it another go.

However, there’s the beefy CPU, the higher resolution, the brighter screen — and, yes, even the keyboard! — that all call call call to me.

Steve’s also put up a ton of pictures too: Press Conference and then CeBIT show floor shots. Two exciting ones are the docking station and a rear-view showing the new built-in stand.

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Here, What Exactly Is David Bamford Doing In This Video?

March 16, 2007

Go look and see if you can figure it out! — link to embedded YouTube video. [blog dead]

John Waters: Rod Serling Of The New Century?

March 16, 2007

Via the daily newsletter:

John Waters stars as the “Groom Reaper”(!!) in a CourtTV series called ’til Death Do Us Part.

Go to the CourtTV primetime homepage and also to the series site to see the sample vids. Waters is creepy and just flirting with the edge of camp. It’s a wonderful performance. This is going to be a fun series to watch.

Deleted YouTube Rise From The Dead?

March 16, 2007

Delutube offers users a way to view deleted YouTube videos

Even casual YouTube users have no doubt come across video clips that the company has taken down for one reason or another, but a new service gives viewers at least a chance to see the offending content. Delutube, as its name implies, can serve up some video clips even after YouTube has purged them.

Delutube site

I attempted a test to retrieve some deleted Gerry Anderson vids. But the site is down due to The Digg Effect.

Reference: Star Fleet (aka X-Bomber)

March 16, 2007

Welcome to SFXB, The Star Fleet/X-Bomber Homepage

This never aired in the U.S. (at least not where I could see it, if it did air at all). I’ve seen some episodes via the miracle of P2P. Gerry Anderson should not have worried. I thought even Terrahawks was better.

BBC Page: ‘Star Fleet’ – the Television Series