Heather The Hot: Hot YouTube Vids, A Parasitic Filmmaker, Two MySpace Pages, America’s Most Wanted, And A Muslim Connection!


Heather the Hot has been collected on YouTube!

Barbie Bandits caught
— sound out of sync; camcorder pointed at TV screen!

Barbie Bandits
— the same clip as above; a camcorder again!

Barbie Bandits
— very low sound volume; new shots of Heather the Hot in all her Hotness!

barbie bandits
— fakes!! You’ll burn in Hell for this mockery!

Barbie Bandits
— another rotten camcorder pointed at a TV screen! Shows Meth Bitch Ashley’s mother — who apparently woke up from a drunken stupor, according to the looks of her hair!

Barbie Bandits @SALON
— another camcorder at a screen; this one has the famous CCTV footage of Heather the Hot at a salon after having her hair done (as if she needed enhancing!); she left a fifty-dollar tip! What a big heart she has!!

Barbie Bandits
— blurry, with sound that needs to be jacked directly into the auditory canal to hear!

It turns out most, if not all, of these were posted on YouTube as a cheap marketing ploy by a filmmaker to drum up interest in an independent movie. Bah! If it’s a not a documentary, who’d want to see it? I’ll wait for the CourtTV and A&E versions. Of course, the definitive documentary will come from PBS‘s Frontline. Only the best for Heather the Hot!

The exploitive would-be filmmaker is interviewed on the Dr. Blogstein Happy Hour webcast. Drag the slider to 36:45 for the start of the sordid interview (they imply Heather the Hot was a hooker! Slander! Slander!).

The first MySpace page is from the exploitive filmmaker. It has 119 friends. Here’s a comment from someone who personally knew Meth Bitch Ashley:

hahaha this shit is halarious i used to go to school with ashley and ive known her mom since middle school i NEVER EVER though she would do some shit like this … i knew she was crazy but goddddamn HAHA what the fuck

Here’s further testimony to the less-than-shiny quality of Meth Bitch Ashley’s character:

okay well me and ash have been good friends for a while. i love the chick like my damn sister. i never in a million years would have expected her to do some crazy shit like this. i mean, yeah i know we would get in trouble ALL the time together in school and think it was fucking hularious. and then when we got kicked out of grayson we thought that was just the funniest thing in the world but i still would never think that ash would do something this stupid. but regardless. i love ash to death and i hope the best for her. i just hope that after all this she will learn and get her shit straight.

The pattern is clear: Heather the Hot is innocent, goddammit!

The second MySpace page was apparently put up by true admirers of Heather the Hot. It has 252 Friends. Here’s a touching sentiment from Racer X:

Help is on the way, you’ll be out soon.

This MySpace page is also filled and filled and filled with videos of people lip-syncing to the song Barbie Girl.

And there are apparently photos of Meth Bitch Ashley from her own MySpace page that was apparently personally deleted by Rupert Murdoch himself (a just-now-made-up rumor has it Meth Bitch Ashley turned down Fox‘s advances to make a sitcom based on her story!).

There’s also new information from an article posted there:

Both girls have been in trouble with the law before. Clayton County records show Miller was cited last July for speeding and DUI. Johnston was arrested on Christmas night and charged with criminal trespass after Lawrenceville Police caught her breaking into her parents’ house in the River Colony subdivision in Lawrenceville. Lisa and Edward Johnston were out of town, and when contacted by The Lawrenceville Police Department they said “Heather hasn’t lived there in months” and specifically indicated “she does not belong inside.”
— emphasis added by me.

There it is! Parental neglect!! Additional fodder for her defense attorney!

Heather the Hot has also made America’s Most Wanted!

And, finally, even Muslims want to jump on her fame by citing her in an article about respecting the ambitions of Muslim girls:

We should worry about 19 year-old Heather Johnston, who was known as the ‘Barbie Bandit’ after robbing a bank in Georgia. We should be asking, ‘How did a straight-A student and agile tennis player with great potential turn into a bank robber?’

Ah, Heather! The world loves you! I love you! Fly away with me my little lovebucket!


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