Tech prOn: More About The Samsung Ultra Ultra MPC

SlashGear has gone all hyperactive over the new Samsung Q1U (I vote that’s how everyone refers to it from now on to make it easy to Google!). There’s a ton of pictures and promises, promises of video demos.

Personally, I’m torn. Steve aka Chippy says the keyboard is just too small. And he owns a Pepper Pad 3 to compare it to!

Keyboard is very small. Tiny in fact. I have small fingers and was having a lot of trouble. The feedback is nicer than that on the Pepper Pad but the spacing is way too small. Not impressed but will give it another go.

However, there’s the beefy CPU, the higher resolution, the brighter screen — and, yes, even the keyboard! — that all call call call to me.

Steve’s also put up a ton of pictures too: Press Conference and then CeBIT show floor shots. Two exciting ones are the docking station and a rear-view showing the new built-in stand.

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