Wherefore Art Thou, Zune?

Zune Really Irrelevant Product (RIP)

I have written a number of posts about the so called iPod killer, the Zune Player and it’s debut on the market. As of today, the Zune Player is a failure:

It is probably so.

First month after its debut, I saw a civilian with a Zune.

I haven’t seen one since.

For comparison, I’ve seen three Sansa e-200s in the wild.

Hell, I’ve even seen a Sony Reader in the wild — and the guy was reading it during dusk by streetlight!

Of course, everyone luvs and has an iPod.

Me? I still have my wee el cheapo jWIN.

But then I’m like that. If I were to buy something, I’d give all my file-building stalkers a fatal heart attack. Hmmm…!

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Jaysus. That’s too much time devoted to something I don’t own.

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