Healthy, Immortal Chinese To Conquer Sick, Dying World

The stem cell blogs of China

It is the details that confound. The idea of injecting 10 million stem cells taken from umbilical cords into one’s spinal cord. The notion that this state-of-the-art biotechnological treatment can be obtained in a country in which hundreds of millions of people are desperately poor and have access to almost no healthcare whatsoever. I traveled in China in 1985, shortly after the publication of “Neuromancer.” I would have dismissed the possibility that 20 years later my compatriots would be flocking to cities like Shenzhen (which hardly existed in 1985) for advanced medical treatments unavailable in the United States as sheer science fiction.

As the Chinese go where so-called “Christians” prevent America to tread, the world beyond China’s borders becomes a vast population of guinea pigs. And a large number of those experimental subjects will be the desperate “Christians” themselves:

‘I don’t know how it works’

Among them is Van Golden, a Christian, anti-abortion Texan who has sold his house so that he can travel to communist, atheist China and have Huang inject a million cells from the nasal area of a foetus into his spine. According to Golden’s doctors, his spine was damaged beyond repair in a car crash last Christmas. The damage to his nervous system was so bad that he has been in a wheelchair and racked by spasms ever since. But Golden refused to give up, even if it meant having to compromise his values. “This is the only place that offered us any hope,” he says. “Everyone else offered only to help make me sufficient in that chair. But the chair is not my destiny. It is not ordained.”

Ah, Morrissey, you were so right:

But Jesus hurt me
When he deserted me

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