I Am Not A Dog Person

March 21, 2007

Put your stupid fucking dog on a leash!

And these fucking people are allowed to breed. I weep for their children.

Oh The Stupidity Tracker has some great stuff up.

Pillory Of The Community

March 21, 2007

Oh for God’s sake! Were they all blind?


Sadistic foster mother’s 19-year reign of terror

A foster mother was found guilty today of subjecting three young children to a “horrifying catalogue of cruel and sadistic treatment”.

Eunice Spry, 62, routinely beat, abused and starved the youngsters in her care over a 19 year period. The devout Jehovah’s Witness forced sticks down their throats and made them eat their own vomit and rat excrement.

Emphasis added by me.

Does she look like someone you’d trust as a babysitter? I try not to judge by appearance, but really!, some people are just so goddammed obvious!

OK, A Second Bellylaugh! But Greed Kills.

March 21, 2007

Lucy In the Field With Flowers

Dear Sirs,

!Bravissimo! Thank you! “Lucy” is clearly the key work in the collection. As with all great art, extended viewing reveals endless layers of mysteries: What is Norman Mailer’s head doing on an innocent grandma’s body, and are those crows or F-16’s skimming the hills?

Oh, what a provenance this piece has!

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And Here It Is: Today’s Bellylaugh!

March 21, 2007


A remarkable fusion of ski resort and wolf puppy — stoical in his yellow-eyed silence, frozen beneath the ice-capped peak, Dog elequently challenges the viewer to rexamine old concepts of landscape.

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Not Even If You’re Thirsty!

March 21, 2007


A black road, tangential to a reservoir, a leering disembodied head, its almost solid shadow spewing blood. Don’t drink the water.

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The Descriptions Themselves Are Art!

March 21, 2007

Think Again

This disturbing work “makes an offer you can’t refuse”. The chilling, matter-of-fact manner in which the subject presents the severed head to us is a poignant reminder of just how numb we have become. The understated violence implicit in the scene speaks volumes on our own desensitization, our society’s reflexive use of force, and the artist’s inability to deal with the hindquarters of the animal.

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It’s My Life!!!

March 21, 2007

Circus of Despair

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