David Bamford Reviews Another Movie!

Christ, it’s got Sean Bean (who was the memorable right bastard in Patriot Games) and Bob Hoskins (Long Good Friday, Brazil, Pennies From Heaven — which is one of the greatest TV series ever and gave him international fame) . Hoskins could turn toenail clipping into a performance that’d get a standing ovation and sell-out crowds!

Here’s the key line in Bamford’s review: [blog dead]

No one in the whole place (which was all guys) went for a pish the whole way through it.

Thanks for the warning, David! I’ll have a catheter hooked in when I go!

There’s an embedded YouTube video the movie trailer at David’s site. Go see!

The Gloucester City Council, apparently savvy to the Internet, writes up the move.

A church banned the film from shooting. (Thank you for that additional recommendation, C of E!)

Myself, I wonder if the film’s writer — Nick Love — was inspired by this book?

Of course, there’s always some tasteless git who will disagree with Bamford.

Wikipedia has an entry.

And here is the official movie site.

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