Heather The Hot: Pure Heartbreak

March 29, 2007

Heather Johnston Bond 04

This makes me very sad.

It’s been brutal for her.

Hang on, lovely one. You will have better tomorrows.

Some people do care about you.

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~~~ tsd

March 29, 2007


Transient Signal Detected

Command Center

March 29, 2007


Alpha Moonbase

March 29, 2007

Alpha Screen

^^^ s

March 29, 2007



::: los

March 29, 2007


Loss Of Signal

Heather The Hot: Latest Photo

March 29, 2007

Heather Johnston Bond

Heather Johnston Bond 300a

Ah, Ma Cherie:

Il est tout hier.
Pensez au demain.

Le XoXo, toujours.

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