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April 30, 2007

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Heather: New Photo, Inside Edition Video & Snaps
It Has Ever Been Thus
Ah, Céline!
Today’s WTF?!!?
mE? aBnOOrmaL?!!?
Ah, A Quiz Result That’s True!!
Evildoers Beware! There’s A New Superhero In Town!
Bah! Lies! All Lies!!
Mutually-Assured Laughter
The Wrath Of Cane
“Be Careful, It’s My Heart”
David Bamford Tried To Kill Me. Or Was It Turn Me Into A Newt?
Ah, I Used To Like Shellfish…
Scalzi, Scalzi, Scalzi. That Rat!
Judie Does It With Feeling — On Paper
Is It Happening In America?
Today’s Quote
My Heart Bleedeth Not
Today’s Bellylaugh
Heather: The Compleat Collection
Brooke Shields, Don’t Give Tom Cruise His Apology Back
Truth In Signage
Trash Trashed
These Quizzes Are Just Insane Sometimes…
What The 1960s Tide Of Liberalism Washed Up
This Is Your Face On Meth
Reference: Mac OS X Software
Blunt-ed Minds
Sex Appeal, Schmex Appeal
M. Dylan Raskin Shows His Face In NYC April 26th
I Will Be Happy At Least Once This Week
Movies You Must See And I Guarantee You Haven’t!
How To Quit Being A Stripper
Why Do I Do These Things?
Gerry Anderson’s Terrahawks
My Response To “10 Things Your Blogger Won’t Tell You”
Oh Wow. She’s Gives A New Meaning To Meltdown.
And You Think I’m Mean?!!?
Today’s WTF?
What Is Wrong With You People?!!?
I Call This Bullshit
All That Free Money And I Never Knew The Party Was Going Down Or Even Got An Invite. As Usual!
OMG!!! 1,000th Post!
Today’s Planned Bloggery
Dear Read
Photo Album: Fake iPods In NYC
Photo Album: NYC Apple Store SoHo
Photo Album: Bootleg DVDs For Sale In NYC
Photo Album: Gay House
Photo Album: Assorted NYC
Photo Album: Ralph’s
It’s Good Friday Here In NYC And Look Who Emailed Me!
Photo Album: Statues In NYC
Photo Album: Zune Gets pWned By iPod!
Photo Album: What’s Become Of Tower Records
Photo Album: Prada Cellphone Poster
Photo Album: NYC Tags
Photo Album: NYC Signs
Photo Album: Wall Street Bull
Photo Album: NYC Stickers
Photo Album: NYC Posters
Girls Don’t Cry At The Bitter End, April 5 2007
Beemageddon: This Year’s Huge Story
The Infection Is Spreading…
Beware The Eyes Of March
Take Heart, Ken Kutaragi!
I Learn A New Word And I Will Steal It Too!
Blogroll Additions
Today’s This Is Just Too Damned Scary For Me To Think About
Girls Gone Wild (By Order Of Pig Men)
Photo Album: Happy Ishtar
Photo Album: More Bootleg DVDs For Sale In NYC
Photo Album: Nikola Tesla Bust
Photo Album: Wall Street Bull, Part Two
Photo Album: Winter Garden WiFi
Unbreak My Heart
Photo Album: America The Illiterate
Photo Album: Leatherman
Photo Album: East Village, New York City
Photo Album: Thanks For The Flying Pig!
Lighting Nazis Must Die!!
The Secret Is That They Count On You To Be Stupid
Nice Nasty, Parts One & Two
As Usual, They Get The Future All Wrong
Fuck You And Your Fucking Stickers, You Fucking Fuckheads
What Lengths Cat Owners Will Go To
“What If You Support Fags? What Does That Make You?”
Thank You. I’d Like To Kill Myself Now, Please.
Fucking Goddammed Motherfucking Meth!
When Science And Reality Wave Bye-Bye To One Another…
I Think There Is Retrocausality Is There Think I
God Bless This Guy!
Today’s WTF: Bush Saw First Plane Hit World Trade Center?!!?
Slaughtered Vomit Dolls
Reference: Gunshot Special Effect
Run For Your Life. This Is A Real Person!
The Ads Are Not Mine!
Jarvis Calls Them Twinkie Badges; I Called Them Fucking Stickers
Photo Album: The Photo Nazis Tried To Stop Me From Taking
Photo Nazis!
If You Come For Me, MTA, You Better Come For All Of Them Too!
Can It Be? Palm Is Tired Of Being A Bunch Of Eejits?
I Still Want Stem Cell Therapies
We Men Are Suckers
Reference: HDTV And 1080p
John Scalzi Tells The Blog Nazis To Get Lost Too!
It’s Time To Stop Looking At Cheap Devices!
Nokia 770: Now 99.9% Shit!
Warren Ellis Chimes In On The Blog Nazis Too
It’s The People, Stupid!
Heather: They’re Still Looking For You
As They Used To Say: Who Died And Left You Boss?
OK. This Just Freaks Me Out. It Better Freak You Out Too!
iPhone: The First Game?
It’s A Phone, You Life-Deprived Eejits! A P-h-o-n-e!
Sammy Puts Me On TV. Sort Of.
Nice Work!
Palm Starts A Blog, Allows My Snarky Comment Too!
What’s That Wonderful Scent In The Air? Oh, Frankness! They’ll Hang Him Now.
If Apple Offers This, I’ll Use It!
Reference: Podcast Tech Specs For iTunes Store
Reference: Apple TV
Tech prOn: Sony OLEDs
Bamford Gives Us A Good Laugh Today!
A Parent Torments His Offspring
Today’s Vale Of Tears
Air Sex
There’s A Blog For Everything!
See? I Tawk Gud!
Nokia Hätäkeino Sen Oma Peräruiske*
Wow. Talking About Missing The Point!
Playing With Pandora, It Scores A Hit!
Kurt Vonnegut: R.I.P.
Apple Does The Right Thing: Delays Leopard OS Release
Book Chronicle Blog Issues Litty Awards
When You Let Loose The Dogs Of War, Don’t Fucking Cry When They Turn On You And Bite Your Smug-Ass Face Off
The YoYos From Hell!!!
Goddammit! Knock It The Fuck Off Already!
God Is Coming To Kill Me
Maybe When We Surrendered To Crybabies About Speech?
Beemageddon: More Speculation
Civility, Decency, And Democracy? You Don’t Know The Meaning Of Those Words!
Oh For Christ’s Sake! Shut Up Already!
First Apologize For Being A Gutless Eejit, Then…
Cellphone Carrier Straitjackets Nokia N95 Phone
My God. How Does Steve Jobs Work This Magic?
I Wish I Had Time To Watch!
Hey Ho! Let’s Go!
If You Don’t Like The Way I Look, Then Don’t Look At Me
Yeah, Right. I Only Get Those I’m-A-Psycho Looks From Them.
Dear God, When Will It End? And Whose Blood Is Next?
NJ’s Governor Corzine Should Have Watched This Video
Beemageddon: Human Race Extinction By Cellphone?
OK, Now What About The Happy-Headed Nos?
Beemageddon: Einstein Prophecy In Doubt
Girls Don’t Cry @ The Knitting Factory – NYC, Monday April 16 2007 9PM
Starting The Day With A Sinfest Giggle
People Go To Movies To, Uh, Learn Things?
Intel To Go Linux — Maemo Linux?!
Will Someone Please Diagnose WTF Is Wrong With Sony?
No, It’s Not Over Yet. At Least Not In This Blog.
Oh Christ. Go See Kurt Vonnegut’s Site. Now.
The Song That Makes Me Cry
How Does It Happen?
Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!
No. I’m Not Done With This Imus Matter Yet.
Note To Self: Another Movie To Buy
I’m Always A Day Late…
P2P Alert: CopyNazi Infiltration!
Is There A Sick Connection Here I’m Missing?
Nope. I’m Still Not Done With The Imus Thing Yet.
You Make Me Want To Fucking Scream. Endlessly.
What’s This Algorithm Stuff About Then?
Photo Album: Wall Street Bull, Part Three
The Reviewer I Can Trust Gets Mad At Palm
iPhone Delay? Yeah? So?
Blog Notes
Girls Don’t Cry, Tomorrow, Thursday April 19 2007 11PM At The PussyCat Lounge In NYC
Happy Deathday To Me
Girls Don’t Cry @ Pussycat Lounge Cancelled For Tonight April 19 2007
Kenneth Eng: Sometimes A Picture Says More Than Words
Some New Gerry Anderson Clips On YouTube
Kenneth Eng: I Hope The FBI Detains Your Sick Ass!
Hey, Canada! You’ve Got Someone Up There You Should Keep An Eye On!
Thirty Years Later, It’s Still Hilarious!
Lust Lust Lust Device!
Suicide Should Then Be Made The State Pasttime Very Soon… One Hopes!
Battling The CopyNazis
This Blog This Weekend
Happy Lifeday To Me!
Kenneth Eng: Transcript Of Evil
Reminder: M. Dylan Raskin In NYC This Thursday April 26th 2007
School Shooters Are Weakling Crybabies Who Should Shoot Themselves First And Thereby Help Improve The Human Race
I Have One, But I Hate It. I Hate Them All!
And If It Happens…
Beemageddon: You’re Gonna Miss Eating
R.I.P., David Halberstam
An MVP Is Not Enough For That Fiend, James Kendrick. No. Now He Takes Oil Money!
Photo Album: Three T-Shirts For Sale
Beautiful Neon, Obsolete Words
Aren’t Dead Things Put In Museums?
Obey The Sign While I’m Gone
I Got To Sit In The Batmobile!!!
Warren Ellis Has A Crooked Little Brain. And I Thank God For It, Too!
Oh? I Guess They’ll Just Use “Motherfucker” Even More Now.
Stop It. You’ll Hurt My Fucking Feelings Saying That!
Reference: Yahoo Offers Legitimate Song Lyrics!
It’s Pot 2.0, But Its Advocates Are Still Stupid 1.0
Go Make Your Head Spin
Beemageddon: OK, Launch The iPhone. The Bees Won’t Mind.
Video: Five Guys Take On One. And One Wins!
When Reality Meets Theory
Reference: Cheap Airfare
Reference: DVD Ripping On Mac
Latest Crop of Gerry Anderson On YouTube
Girls Don’t Cry: Best Wishes To Rachael!
How’d He Do It? Injections And A Lobotomy?!!?
The Batmobile Moves!
The Algorithm Is Ask.com!
What Other Stuff Does Microsoft Have Hidden?
Please Don’t Do An Experiment With Sex!
Reference: Google Maps And NYC Subway
Beemageddon: Fungus Among Us
Blog Maintenance
Blog Closed For Today
Blog Maintenance: Image Rescaling
M. Dylan Raskin Returns To His Homeland!
Help Out The Excellent Band OttO Vector!
I Like Personal Manifestos
SoHo Apple Store Today April 27 2007 @ 4PM: Joel & Ethan Coen
You Can Now Play With A Hawkins Machine!
The Fall Of Ken Kutaragi
New P2P Tool To Help Kill The RIAA And MPAA
We Will All Be Poor And Starving Thanks To Greed And A Lack Of Bees
Note To Self: Stop Looking At Shoes (They’re Ugly Anyway!)
No Blogging This Weekend
Palm-Based Hawkins Machine Disappoints
iPhone: Battery Life Is Good
Ken Kutaragi: God In The Machine
Sony, You Are Sick!
My Kenneth Che-Tew Eng Transcript Is Correct
In Praise Of South Park’s Matt Stone
Fuck You And Your PC And Your MC
The Fat Boy. Accent On Boy.
Let Him Wear The Goddammed Dress!
More Reasons To Hate My Fellow Males (Who Aren’t Men)
Everyone Knows What To Do About Everyone Else (Not That I’m Any Goddammed Exception!)
Save Internet Radio: Pandora Is Doomed Otherwise
Kick. Them. Out. NOW!
Reference: String Tripod
Sinfest Sends A Coded Message To Kenneth Eng?!!?
Heather Has The Hot Too!
I’ve Got To Read Sinfest More Often
Kill Kill Kill Kill The CFLs!!!
All Of You Who Want CFLs: Break Them And Eat Them!
Tagged Tunnel In Atlanta
Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead. Which Old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch Is Dead.


Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead. Which Old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch Is Dead.

April 30, 2007

Jack Valenti, US power broker, dies at 85

Jive-ass motherfucker who did more lasting damage to the movie industry as it relates to its customers than any other human being in history.

Hey, Jack! I’d ask if you met up with Edison and if he kicked your patent-pirate-promoting ass, but I’m sure you’re in a different place than he is!

Burn, baby, burn!

Tagged Tunnel In Atlanta

April 30, 2007

Graffiti in Krog Street Tunnel

All Of You Who Want CFLs: Break Them And Eat Them!

April 30, 2007

The CFL mercury nightmare

How much money does it take to screw in a compact fluorescent light bulb? About US$4.28 for the bulb and labour — unless you break the bulb. Then you, like Brandy Bridges of Ellsworth, Maine, could be looking at a cost of about US$2,004.28, which doesn’t include the costs of frayed nerves and risks to health.

Sound crazy? Perhaps no more than the stampede to ban the incandescent light bulb in favour of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

According to an April 12 article in The Ellsworth American, Bridges had the misfortune of breaking a CFL during installation in her daughter’s bedroom: It dropped and shattered on the carpeted floor.

Aware that CFLs contain potentially hazardous substances, Bridges called her local Home Depot for advice. The store told her that the CFL contained mercury and that she should call the Poison Control hotline, which in turn directed her to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

The DEP sent a specialist to Bridges’ house to test for mercury contamination. The specialist found mercury levels in the bedroom in excess of six times the state’s “safe” level for mercury contamination of 300 billionths of a gram per cubic meter. The DEP specialist recommended that Bridges call an environmental cleanup firm, which reportedly gave her a “low-ball” estimate of US$2,000 to clean up the room. The room then was sealed off with plastic and Bridges began “gathering finances” to pay for the US$2,000 cleaning. Reportedly, her insurance company wouldn’t cover the cleanup costs because mercury is a pollutant.


As each CFL contains five milligrams of mercury, at the Maine “safety” standard of 300 nanograms per cubic meter, it would take 16,667 cubic meters of soil to “safely” contain all the mercury in a single CFL. While CFL vendors and environmentalists tout the energy cost savings of CFLs, they conveniently omit the personal and societal costs of CFL disposal.

Look at that! A woman ratted them out!

Women will save us all from these goddammed bulbs.

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Kill Kill Kill Kill The CFLs!!!

April 30, 2007

Fluorescent Bulbs Are Known to Zap Domestic Tranquillity

NESKOWIN, Ore. — Alex and Sara Sifford, who live here on the Oregon coast, want to do the right thing to save a warming world.

To that end, Alex Sifford, 51, has been buying compact fluorescent light bulbs, which use about 75 percent less power than incandescent bulbs. He sneaks them into sockets all over the house. This has been driving his wife nuts.

She knows that the bulbs, called CFLs, save money and use less energy, thus cutting greenhouse gas emissions blamed for climate change. She knows, too, that Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey and the Department of Energy endorse them. Still, the bulbs, with their initial flicker, slow warm-up and slightly weird color, bug her.

“What really got me was when my husband put a fluorescent in the lamp next to my bed,” recalls Sara Sifford, 53. She said she yelled at her husband for “violating the last vestige of my personal space.”

Experts on energy consumption call it the “wife test.” And one of the dimly lighted truths of the global-warming era is that fluorescent bulbs still seem to be flunking out in most American homes.

American women, I’m begging on my knees — no, on my belly! — do not give in to the Lighting Nazis! Defend the home front against these goddammed bulbs!

The fate of my well-being is in your hands!

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I’ve Got To Read Sinfest More Often

April 30, 2007

Hilarious cat series!

Box 2
Box 3
Box 4

Heather Has The Hot Too!

April 30, 2007

Another hugely funny Sinfest comic:

Bitchzilla versus Pimptron

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