Scalzi, Scalzi, Scalzi. That Rat!

Ooooh, Scalzi. You sicken me. It’s just not fair that someone can be as successful as you and be happy too! It should be One Or The Other, dammit.

This guy has such an easy, breezy style on his blog, it makes my hair fall out from their roots as I enviously, jealously, spitefully marvel over it as I boil away in my own sour, fetid juices.

One day a loooong time ago, I thought I would have such a welcoming style.

Ha! Double Ha! And a big Feh! too!

And if all that — and bacon on a cat too! — wasn’t enough, he’s also done one of the Greatest Threads On The Entire Internet: Being Poor. Take off the evening. Shut off the HDTV, unplug that iPod. Read the thread and get an education you will not — can not — get anywhere else.

He’s just got a second post and thread on the subject too. It’s probably just as memorable and enlightening. I just don’t have the time yet to lose myself in it. But you do. So go read.

Dammit, Scalzi. At least announce one day you have an ingrown nail or something. Make me smile!

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