Why Do I Do These Things?

April 4, 2007

Unleash the motherfucking moonwalk!!!!

Because I think they’re funny, dammit! L7s go ‘way.

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How To Quit Being A Stripper

April 4, 2007

“No One Should Have to Be a Stripper”

Excellent article.

The world is filled with sharks. Good to see there are those who can stop them.

Movies You Must See And I Guarantee You Haven’t!

April 4, 2007

These are the most important movies of my life. They all deformed me in major ways. Thank you to them!

A bit of synchronicity here as the daily getTRIO.com newsletter just today reminds me one of them is on DVD.

Two For The Road DVD

Two For The Road: One of the most romantic yet realistic love stories ever filmed. Albert Finney gives his usual great performance and Audrey Hepburn is pure heart-pumping lustbait. You will want to get married after seeing this, so keep the girlfriend/fiance-in-waiting out of the house when you watch it.

Quest For Love VHS

Quest For Love: If you loved Somewhere In Time, be prepared for a movie that is even better. Based on a short story by John Wyndham called Random Quest, this stars Tom Bell and a non-sleazy Joan Collins. This movie will make you want to fall in love. It’s only available via rare VHS tape. It’s a crime it has never been issued on DVD.

Gumshoe VHS

Gumshoe: Another brilliant Albert Finney starring role, this time as a down-and-out stand-up comedian in a Liverpool nightclub who yearns to be a private eye. Billie Whitelaw and Janice Rule are twin lustbaits. This is another great movie only available via rare VHS tape. Another crime committed against those of us with taste that this has never been put on DVD.

Gumshoe pic
Albert Finney in “Gumshoe”

Horses Mouth DVD

The Horse’s Mouth: Alec Guinness adapted the script for this movie from the novel of the same name written by Joyce Cary. Gulley Jimson is an artist always broke and always scheming to secure his place in the art world. This movie is just brilliant from start to end and faithful to its source. To use a line from the novel itself: It skinned my eyes! Available in a status-worthy DVD from Criterion.

Horses Mouth pic
Gulley Jimson inspects his work

A Fine Madness DVD

A Fine Madness: The story of my frikkin life! Sean Connery gives the best performance of his career as possessed writer Samson Shillitoe. Joanne Woodward wonderfully plays his blue-collar wife. Jean Seberg plays the lustbait would-be patron of Connery’s art. Sue Ane Langdon has a sexy bit part. Written by Elliott Baker, who adapted his novel of the same name. Filled with lines of genius dialogue. Thankfully recently released on DVD.

A Fine Madness
Alas, there is no one to hold me back!

I Will Be Happy At Least Once This Week

April 4, 2007

Girls Don’t Cry will again be at The Bitter End, this Thursday — that’s tomorrow Now-time — at 9PM.

Errrr, but what’s this?

I need pics of them for this blog, yet some total stranger gets a rehearsal invite?


Go listen to Cobain on their MySpace page.

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M. Dylan Raskin Shows His Face In NYC April 26th

April 4, 2007

Just got this in my emailbox:

Hello everyone,

Barnes and Noble has the pleasure of inviting you to join us for an extremely rare event – M. Dylan Raskin in his first return to Queens since the launching of Little New York Bastard will sign and discuss his new book Bandanas and October Supplies.

Please mark your calendars for April 26 at 7:30 PM.

This event promises to be a memorable one. See you there!

Jude Sauer

Barnes & Noble, Bayside
23-80 Bell Boulevard
Bayside, NY 11360
718/631-9060 (phone)
718/224-1563 (fax)

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Sex Appeal, Schmex Appeal

April 4, 2007

You Are 15% Sexy

Your Sex Appeal Is: Low
Regardless of how you look, you’re lacking some confidence.
And there’s nothing sexy about being insecure.

How Much Sex Appeal Do You Have?

Travis Bickle
“You talkin’ to me?”

Blunt-ed Minds

April 4, 2007

Scientists warn of cannabis ‘timebomb’

By the end of the decade one in four new cases of schizophrenia could be triggered by smoking cannabis, scientists say.

Research has suggested that regular users of the drug are up to six times more likely to develop schizophrenia, although whether the drug is the direct cause remains disputed.

The Department of Health says it is now generally agreed among doctors that cannabis is an “important causal factor” in mental illness.

Oh come to where I am sub-existing right now. Mental illness is the norm here. They make me look sane, calm and collected. And then they bitch the game is rigged and that’s why they’re all fucking failures. They don’t recognize self-sabotage.

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Were They High When They Wrote This Shit?

Reference: Mac OS X Software

April 4, 2007

Wordman’s Recommended Mac OS X Shareware

Recently, I’ve been asked on a number of different occasions to recommend software for Mac OS X to people who have just bought a new Mac. To save time the next time someone asks me, I put together this list of shareware that I use all the time. This does not include standard stuff like iTunes or commercial software like Photoshop. It’s just the little nuggets of cool stuff from around the web.

This Is Your Face On Meth

April 4, 2007



Before and After pictures of Meth Users

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Die You Meth Bastards! Die! Die! Die!
Meth. Die You Bastards!
You Meth Lab Bastards Must Die!
Ho Ho Owwwww…

What The 1960s Tide Of Liberalism Washed Up

April 4, 2007

America Gone Wrong: A Slashed Safety Net Turns Libraries into Homeless Shelters
A dirty little secret about America is that public libraries have become de facto daytime shelters for the nation’s street people while librarians are increasingly our unofficial social workers for the homeless and mentally disturbed.

Refusing Treatment
Even if treatment options were not so scarce and inadequate, many of the mentally ill would not get treatment because they refuse to be treated. Paranoia is rampant on the street and paranoid people do not willingly submit to strange doctors and nurses who might “implant” something in them — or worse. The cops, paramedics, and social workers can’t take a person to the hospital just because he is ranting incoherently. He has to be a danger to himself or others.

Someone who is filthy, a vector for disease, and talks out loud to nobody is a danger, period.

You don’t have the balls to do something?

Give me free license and it will get done.