Girls Don’t Cry At The Bitter End, April 5 2007

April 6, 2007

The legendary rock club The Bitter End in pictures:

Bitter End placque

Bitter End canopy 01
I got there early for some daylight photos.

Bitter End canopy 02
This is nighttime.

Bitter End Day 01

Bitter End Night 01
Night. Ooh, a rhythm!

Bitter End poster 02
The Girls advertised out front. Significant later.

I waited outside while another act was on stage. I wanted to see if the ladies of Girls Don’t Cry would arrive by the front or if there was a hidden back or even underground talent entrance.

There wasn’t!

GDC Hannah and Rachael in car

Hannah Fairlight and Rachael Cornick arrived in one car (pictured above) …

GDC Sora An outside

Sora An and …

GDC Liz Kelly outside

Liz Kelly in another (car not pictured).

Both cars were filled to capacity with their instruments, which they had to unpack on their own like mere mortals instead of being attended to by obeisant eunuch lackeys as the goddesses they are!

GDC Rachael unpacking

With my compressed lower back disks, I am no help. And they have plenty of stuff!

GDC equipment
This is not everything!

The four Girls eventually got everything inside…

GDc Hannah outside
“Help! I’m trapped outside with Mike Cane!!”

… and then Caitlin Gray arrived …

GDC Caitlin outside

… fashionably late.

I couldn’t get all five Girls together at one time for a group photo. I wanted to get them underneath their poster. That wasn’t a wise suggestion. They all hate it! Here’s Caitlin and Sora giving their opinion in Standard American Finger Language:

GDC Poster Attack 01

GDC Poster Attack 02

I think they might want a new photo for their poster!

I was able to get a picture of Co-Producer/Co-Songwriter Richard Berg under the poster. His Co-Producer/Co-Songwriter Harold Stephan couldn’t make it due to a family commitment, but he pretended he had his arm around him anyway:

GDC Richard Berg

I stayed outside because I didn’t want to hear the act that was currently on stage. It would still be twenty minutes before the Girls would be able to start setting up. While outside, I met someone who I am officially crowning Girls Don’t Cry‘s Number One Fan. He goes by the tag of Spawn and he not only had an Official Girls Don’t Cry T-shirt:

GDC Spawn 01

He also inked himself with a unique spelling of one of his favorite Girls songs, Beautiful Thoughts:

GDC Spawn 02

GDC Spawn 03

Is that dedication or what? Needles scare me. The thought of ink under my skin makes me faint.

While there was still time, Rachael ran across the street to a store to buy something. She was stalked followed by Spawn. He wanted to pay for what she wanted to buy. And he did!

GDC Spawn and Rachael
Spawn picks up the tab. A happy Rachael.

Finally the other act got off stage and I went in …

GDC BE signage
Girls Don’t Cry listed on the interior marquee.

… to document some of the setting up process:

GDC Hannah setup
Hannah being distracted in her setup duties by a madman with a camera and no photography skills!

GDC Liz drum setup
Liz setting up her drums, ignoring the eejit with the borrowed camera.

GDC Rachael setup
Rachael getting her synths in order, hoping the annoying eejit with a camera will go away!

GDC cowbell
Cowbell! Played by Rachael during Cobain.

Then it was time for some tuning and testing:

GDC Hannah tuning

GDC Liz drum test

And finally, beneath the sacred stage banner of The Bitter End …

GDC BE stage banner

.. it was time to rock and roll!!

GDC singing

GDC AddItUp 01

GDC AddItUp 02

GDC Sora Add It Up 01

GDC Sora Add It Up 02

GDC Liz foot 01
Proof that Liz uses the drum pedal without a shoe!

GDC Liz Foot 02b
Close-up action!

I had to miss their past two shows. I missed the live debut of their new song Cobain.

But I got to hear it last night!

Spawn was ecstatic when they played Beautiful Thoughts:

GDC Spawn 04

Check out one of his inked arms:

GDC Spawn 05

And then the Girls made me ecstatic beyond all words when they debuted a brand new song! Tentatively titled One More Day, the words and music were all by the Girls themselves! And Caitlin Gray was its lead singer!

GDC Caitlin lead
Caitlin singing One More Day.

I said earlier that the Girls have a Sound. And this new song again proved that. It fit seamlessly into their repertoire, without any false notes. It was pure Girls!

With the addition of Cobain and One More Day, they had to trim two songs from last night’s performance: What Do You Think Of Me Now and the eponymous Girls Don’t Cry, two of my favorites. But then I can listen to them anytime because I have their demo CD!

All too soon, it was all over. And they had to pack up…

GDc Caitlin packing
Caitlin makes packing up look easy!

GDC packed

GDC Liz drum pedal
Liz’s drum pedal!

Outside I ran into Spawn again. He’d gotten a second Official Girls Don’t Cry T-shirt!

GDC Tshirt 01

GDC Tshirt 02a

I tried to lasso all five Girls into one picture but again failed. The best I could do was harrass everyone into giving me Just One More Picture…

GDC Caitlin gold slipper
Caitlin wore gold slippers!

GDC Liz boot
Liz wore boots, so of course she had to pedal without them!

GDC Rachael outside
Rachael faking a smile while she tries to escape my manic lens!

GDC Liz and Sora
Liz: Make him go away!
Sora: Go away!

GDC Caitlin and Liz
Liz: Is he going away?
Caitlin: Go away!

Someone gifted each of the Girls with a shiny bag full of Easter loot. Among other things, they contained jelly beans, a chocolate rabbit, and a signing android bunny.

GDC Caitlin bunny
Caitlin happily threatening me with a killer robot bunny if I don’t leave Liz alone!

Too soon, all the Girls were gone. They could rest easy, knowing I wouldn’t ambush them with a camera. At least until their next show!

They played their hearts out last night. The room was packed. The audience loved it.

I hope I can be there for their next performance!

They will be stars.

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Photo Album: NYC Posters

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5. 2007.

Poster Lost Liberty

Poster TV

Spider Man Week
I’ve got to leave town…

Photo Album: NYC Stickers

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

Sticker aka
“also known as”

Sticker aNYthing
Very clever.

aNYthing sticker 01
Get it now?

Sticker colors
Helping to keep New York City beatifuller.

Sticker face

Sticker face 02

Sticker fascism
This is not an endorsement. I document the zeitgeist.

Sticker Magneto
Marvel super-villain has a posse?


Photo Album: Wall Street Bull

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

Wall Street Bull

Wall Street Bull ass
Where the money emerges.

I’ve got to start dating women tourists, dammit…

Wall Street bull balls 01

Wall Street bull balls 02

Wall Street bull balls 03

Photo Album: NYC Signs

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

Sign Babeland

Door Babeland
sex toys for a passionate world

Sign Come Closer 01

Sign Come Closer 02
Made of products!

Sign Spring
If Your Home Is Missing
A Touch Of Spring
Don’t Blame Us

Photo Album: NYC Tags

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

I hate graffiti. It’s ugly and subhuman. If you’re compelled to tag up something, for Christ’s sake at least be imaginative and artistic.

Like these:

Tag face

Tag Haculla

Tag head

Tag love

Tag slave
I Am A Slave…

Tag frees
…To What Frees Me.

Tag embarrassed
I Would Be If
You Knew
What I Was
Thinking Of

Photo Album: Prada Cellphone Poster

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

Prada phone poster

Prada phone poster 01

Prada phone poster 02

Ooh, having a woman who looks comatose and near death really excites my juices to go out and buy this… uh, what the fuck is it? What’s that she’s holding? There’s no text! Is it a compact? A mirror? A wallet? What? What? What?!!?

Photo Album: What’s Become Of Tower Records

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

Tower Records 01

Tower Records 02
Side. Eh…?

Tower Records 02b
Is that a… ghost?

Tower Records 04
That’s all that remains.

Hey, RIAA! You’re next!

Photo Album: Zune Gets pWned By iPod!

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

I should have taken that fiend James Kendrick’s recent switch as an augur…

Earlier, I posted this photo of a window at J&R:


It shows giant Zunes, displayed at its launch.

Well, that window has changed. Drastically!

JR iPod window 01

JR iPod window 02

It’s now Apple iPods!

Zune: pWned!

Photo Album: Statues In NYC

April 6, 2007

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

Gandhi statue 01
Mahatmas Gandhi.

Gandhi statue 02
AKA Who Mike Cane Will Never Be.

LaGuardia statue 01
Fiorello LaGuardia, beloved past Mayor of New York City. I climbed up on the pedestal for some up-close photo action and nearly had the statue topple over!

LaGuardia statue 02

LaGuardia statue 03

LaGuardia statue 04

LaGuardia statue 05