Photo Album: Assorted NYC

Photos taken April 5, 2007.

Broadway Checkpoint
Anti-terrorist checkpoint on lower Broadway.

Classic Building
Gorgeous, historic building heading for demolition, dammit.

Fulton Street hub
Because Fulton Street will get a new transportation hub. For the rich!

Griffin 01

Griffin 02

Tank Liquid Nitrogen
Verizon tank of liquid nitrogen with frost on it.

Mega Millions 01
Ah, to have the winning ticket!

Mega Millions 02
Phone stall ad. Yes, dynamic lighting.

NYPL branch
Branch of the New York Public Library (cross yourselves, heathen!). Used to be a Courthouse.

Pimp wear
Who in their right fucking mind would not only buy this orange shit but also wear it? Maybe a gay guy on Halloween impersonating a Popsicle and asking people to lick him?

Puppies! Poor innocent bastards.

Relief child
I don’t know why. This is New York City. We can do these things.

Tile eagle
An eagle composed of tiles. Yes, wee tiles.

Tile kangaroo
More wee tiles.

Wall St
Wall Street. Looking into the Maw Of Money Hell.

Washington Square Park Arch
Washington Square Park. Still a druggie haven. Ain’t Golden Arches. But billions served all the same…

Plastics 01
That’s a funnel. A store for very strange people who never grew up yet can still afford this overpriced twee shit. Kill me now.

Plastics 02
Oh Lord God Almighty. Why do you torment me so?

Partners and Crime bookstore 01
From Shitness to Greatness: Partners and Crime bookstore.

Partners and Crime 02
Best damned bookstore in New York City. Specializes in mysteries; they also publish them. The owners and staff are mystery-reading maniacs. Kiss, kiss!

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