April 7, 2007

Holy cow, Todd Goliath ripped me off!

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Girls Gone Wild (By Order Of Pig Men)

April 7, 2007

Female Chauvinist Pigs?
Raunch Culture is Everywhere

We will need another women’s liberation movement to challenge raunch culture and the sexism that is so endemic in this society. That movement couldn’t come too soon.

I didn’t know this:

[Porn worker Jenna] Jameson is both a victim and a survivor. Her life is marked by drug addiction, horrific violence and alienation. A relative of one of her boyfriends attempted to rape her (she was able to fight him off), and while living in a small town in Montana, Jameson was brutally beaten, gang raped, and left for dead in a field by four male athletes. She woke up, staggered home, her eye swollen shut, body bruised and bleeding, and never told anyone what happened to her.

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Today’s This Is Just Too Damned Scary For Me To Think About

April 7, 2007

‘Inherently toxic’ chemical faces its future

This is why some environmentalists and scientists contend that bisphenol A, which leaches in trace amounts from food and beverage packaging, is among the scariest manufactured substances in use, an eerie modern version of the vaunted lead water pipes by which ancient Romans were unknowingly poisoned.

Extrapolating from the results of animal experiments, they suspect bisphenol A has its fingerprints all over the unexplained human health trends emerging in recent decades hinting at something going haywire with sex hormones, including the early onset of puberty, declining sperm counts, and the huge increase in breast and prostate cancer, among other ailments.


Some researchers with close-up views of bisphenol A are so shocked by its ability to skew development in their laboratory animals, even at among the lowest doses ever used in experiments, they aren’t waiting for the government to ban it. In their personal lives, they can’t run away from products containing it fast enough. “I would love to see it banished off the face of the Earth,” Dr. Patricia Hunt, a Washington State University geneticist, said.

She began ditching her bisphenol-A-containing products after discovering that mere traces of the chemical were able to scramble the eggs of her lab mice. In humans, similar damage would lead to miscarriages and birth defects, such as Down syndrome. “I thought, ‘Oh my God,’ƒ|” she said. “I’m going to throw out every piece of plastic in my kitchen.”


Urine testing in the United States suggests that about 95 per cent of the population have been exposed […]

Coming up, the Religious Right’s latest front in the War On Homosexuality: It’s Not Genetic, It’s Chemical: Ban bisphenol A.

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I Learn A New Word And I Will Steal It Too!

April 7, 2007


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Take Heart, Ken Kutaragi!

April 7, 2007

Insomniac’s Brian Hastings Speaks on the PS3 (or 10 reasons why he believes the PS3 will be the victor of this console generation)

7. The Wii Fad Will Fade
OK, this one’s going to be controversial, but I have to say it. I like Nintendo a lot. I think Nintendo has innovated far more than any other company in the industry. And I think the Wii is really, really fun. But… let me relate to you a story that may sound familiar:

Your friend Reggie invites you over for a Wii Party. It’s awesome. You and your friends partake in whatever beverages are legally appropriate for your age group. The next day everyone who went to the party rushes out and buys a Wii.

A week later Reggie hosts another Wii Party. This time only half the group comes. It’s still fun, but there isn’t quite as much shoving to get at the Wiimote.

The next week Reggie hosts another Wii Party. You tell him you have bird flu.

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Beemageddon: This Year’s Huge Story

April 7, 2007

Mysterious disappearance of US bees creating a buzz

Wait til you see food prices skyrocket. The inflated price of gasoline (it’s now $3.14/gallon here; up from $3.10 just earlier this week!) will seem like a bargain…

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