God Bless This Guy!

Fighting Among Us, Will Not Defeat The Hun! As to The Flood…

The Christian Right (of which they are neither) has blasphemed God and Jesus and Judaism and Muslimism and attacked the sensitivities of Americans with a slimy disfigurement of God and Jesus and the need of the Right to maintain a Cold-War conflict between religion and science […]


Dogma is the enemy of God and men and those who eschew science are the enemy of God and of men, that is all God and religion have in common.

Oh this is just sheer absolute brilliance:

The Neo-cons and the “Christian” Right, have made themselves the enemy by their unchristian lack of tolerance and their hatred and sadistic violence aimed, for the moment at Muslims, but soon will include anyone who is not as stupid and insane as they.

More brilliance:

[…] let me say that for a “believer” not to be a scholar is indolence and stupidity […]

A must-read.

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