When Science And Reality Wave Bye-Bye To One Another…

The Subprime Meltdown and the Ownership Society

If, say, those fees came to 10 percent on a $200,000 house, or $20,000, then the transaction costs would have added $5,000 per year to the housing cost for a typical moderate-income home buyer. Since the median annual rent in Washington is only around $9,000, the transaction costs associated with buying and selling a home are significant. A family that lived in a home for only four years almost certainly would have been better off renting.

You pointy-headed eejit.

Did you stop to consider what the fuck that low rent would get a person?

Did you stop to consider the kind of people you’d have to be around at that low rent?

Buying a house isn’t always about money, you goddammed dope.

It’s about being around better surroundings and better people.

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