Can It Be? Palm Is Tired Of Being A Bunch Of Eejits?

Palm Announces New Linux Based Mobile Platform

I’ve left a few comments at the discussion over there. Some I’ll repeat here:

I still believe the perfect device size is the Sony Reader. It’s what a PDA should have grown up to be. It’s what current UMPCs should shrink to.

It’s not a pocketable size, but it’s perfect for dropping in a bag and toting. And unlike current heavy UMPCs, it’s easy to pull out of a bag and use immediately. In this sense, this size of device has the advantages of past pocketable devices with some of the added functionality of current UMPCs — mainly a screen that doesn’t require squinting and a weight that doesn’t invite muscle strain.

I’m hoping Palm is going to be releasing something like it. (Here’s another ease-of-tote device.)

Since it will be based on a Linux core, I cringe. I have a right to!

On the other hand, the Pepper Pad 3 is also based on Linux and some owners just love it.

I guess it will depend on just how good Palm makes the software. Well, duh.

I hope Palm comes out with something that will excite me. (And hey, Ed Colligan, you’re now formally invited to let me kiss your company’s ass by deigning to put me on the send-him-a-review-unit list! I offer the same terms I offered Microsoft. Deal or No Deal?)

Question is now, if the money plops into my lap, do I get the Samsung Q1P I have a really major lust for or do I wait for Palm to reveal its hand?

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