Photo Album: The Photo Nazis Tried To Stop Me From Taking

Realtime bus sign 01

There it is. What might turn into a cause celebre.

I’d heard of such arrival prediction signs but had never seen one for a bus before. I decided to take a picture. This doorman — I call him that because he had no Security designation on his uniform — comes out of the office building and tells me photography on that side of the street is prohibited.

I tell him I am photographing a public sign on a public sidewalk.

Like a robot, he repeats what he just told me.

I repeat what I said right back at him.

He repeats it a third time.

I begin to lose it. I tell him it’s a public fucking sign on a public fucking sidewalk and that I will photograph it as many goddammed times as I please. I tell him that if this was a matter of photographing his building and he had security concerns, I would respect that. But I’m a public sidewalk photographing a public sign and he has no jurisdiction over me.

His Aryan surpervisor comes out and repeats the prohibition.

I give him my fuck-filled language of resistance again. I also tell him to show me their Property Line. Usually, buildings have to place designations on the sidewalks that clearly demarcate their ownership.

This prick tells me they own the property to the curb and I am ordered to step off the sidewalk into the street!

I do so. And then I take another picture of the sign — the one published above.

And then my parting shot is, “Kiss my ass, you motherfucking Nazi assholes!”

Ooh, I’m mad.

I know for a fact that in Las Vegas they have privatized sidewalks. But in New York City?

I think these twin pricks overstepped their jurisdictions and I’m pondering whether I should push this or not.

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