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April 11, 2007

Sometimes Mediocrity and Lies Go Hand in Hand

[…] I get tired of reading about people who do nothing but parrot information they’ve read in books or on billboards or watched on the goddamn television. I grow weary of dull, impassioned arguments that were gift wrapped by some higher authority with an agenda and crammed down our throats until our minds turned to mush and started leaking out of our ears. I want to tell people to quit fucking quoting me statistics about global warming that they read on MSN. Instead, look around the world and tell me what you think is happening. Form your own hypothesis. Do your own research. Quit depending on a society to tell you what is real! When did we all lose faith in our individual ability to learn anyway? And when did learning become synonymous with memorization? You can’t teach a conscience. It comes strictly from personal experiences […]


The 5 Worst Bloggers on the Internet

[…] We just have ineffectual public school systems now that are churning out stupid, incompetent children quicker than MTV’s Jackass can wipe them out.

She’ll probably now expand that list to six and put me on it. Please!

Sammy Puts Me On TV. Sort Of.

April 11, 2007

That Palm Addicts whirlwind mastermind, Sammual McLoughlin, just put out his latest videocast, PA TV #71, and he graciously mentions me in it.





And there I am:


Up-close action:


The videocast is QuickTime, but if you use Download Helper and vlc, you can watch it on your desktop and even take screensnaps. vlc is really something else!

Sammy really leads a charmed life. Not only does he have the monster Palm Addicts site, he has a face and voice that work splendidly on video. He’s gonna get a lot of lady fans!

It’s A Phone, You Life-Deprived Eejits! A P-h-o-n-e!

April 11, 2007

Oh for crying out loud!

I really didn’t want to do this, but the hype over the Nokia N95 (no, I will not link to anything Nokian! Not ever!) is really twisting my shorts.

I went to the Nokia Store Monday night, after leaving the Apple Store. I intended only to get a picture of the goddammed fugly place, but that ginormous N95 banner sucked me in.

Nokia Store 01

I asked to see it and, as befits my stature in life, I was personally escorted to it by some lackey. Who also gave me a brief demo.

Then came the part that nearly caused me to rupture my intestines from suppressing my laughter: the price.


For a phone.

No, no, no. Don’t argue with me.

It’s a goddammed phone!

I don’t care that it has a 5MP camera built-in. Nokia is not a camera producer.

I don’t care that it has GPS built-in. Are you going to tell me that wee screen is ideal for GPS?

I don’t care that it can play video and music. These days, what the fuck can’t?

And, no no no!, don’t play that You Can Do Word Processing And Work On It. No you fucking can’t! There’s no keyboard!

That’s right, folks, web browsing is a marvelous experience — not! — because you can do it by using the fucking phone keypad, as if you were doing SMS!

Nokia continues to take my breath away. They’ve found yet another way to make using the Internet a suicide-inducing experience.

And for US$749.00.


iPhone: The First Game?

April 11, 2007

Scenario Poker

What’s New in this Version
– Designed for the size of iPhone’s touch screen

–linkswipe via Palm Infocenter post

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OK. This Just Freaks Me Out. It Better Freak You Out Too!

April 11, 2007

Derren Brown – Subliminal Advertising — YouTube video (G-rated; safe for work, Christians and other Children)


Thanks for making me feel more programmed by others than I already do. It was just this morning I was contemplating the Philip K. Dick story, The Electric Ant too!

–linkswipe via reddit

As They Used To Say: Who Died And Left You Boss?

April 11, 2007

Code of Conduct: Lessons Learned So Far

Shut up.

No, really. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Just shut the fuck up already!

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It’s The People, Stupid!

April 11, 2007

That Unique Grindhouse Theatrical Experience Just Got Rarer

Wow, I have to just sit back and exclaim “wow!” How did we get to this? One of the best reviewed films of 2007 so far, plus one of the most widely publicized and hyped films (at least on the internet) with two solid weeks of emphasis, and it turns out such a poor weekend?

Hello? Do you really think anyone in their right fucking mind is going to sit in a darkened room with too few exits with the kind of people who have been looking forward to seeing that movie?

It takes a lot to get me into a movie theater. Every time I go, there are … other people. Many of whom have no fucking business being let out in public.

Big screen TVs sell like mad not because they are TVs — but because they allow a movie-like experience without the rest of the fucking audience.

That’s also why DVD revenues often exceed box office grosses.

I don’t want to sit next to you.

In fact, I never want to sit next to you.

Warren Ellis Chimes In On The Blog Nazis Too

April 11, 2007

Oh, Fuck Off

And then he thinks a bit and adds one of those fucking stickers to his site. In Patented Warren Ellis Style, of course:

Civility Enforced

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Nokia 770: Now 99.9% Shit!

April 11, 2007

Yesterday I must have suffered some transient brain damage because I got it into my head to “update” the OS on that goddammed Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

It’s been running slower than an impacted bowel movement, so I wanted to see what a virgin update to it would do. And by virgin, I mean I didn’t do a backup to restore anything. Lost all my bookmarks doing that.

The sacrifices I make for you people!

First step was to update the desktop wizard. That went smoothly.

Next step was to download the blah-blah-blah.49-2 OS update. That went less than smoothly. After five attempts that ended in download timeouts, corrupted files, and other techno-eejitcy, I gave up for a few hours. Hours later, a download that had been earlier timed to take twenty minutes completed in a breathtaking five.

Then it updated the 770 itself. That went fine.

I then wiped out the swap file on the RS-MMC and built a new one. The card had about 2MB of files on it that I didn’t wipe out. I allotted half of the card to a swap file: 32 of its 64MB!

So, last night I go to the Winter Garden to try it out and it was the worst goddammed disaster yet for that abominable piece of shit!

Within the half hour I tried to use it, the browser crashed and repeatedly froze on sites I’d been able to view with the prior version!

I opened my blog and tried to put back bookmarks from the sites listed on my Blogroll. Forget that! David Bamford’s site repeatedly froze. I’d never had that problem ever before. The same thing happened with Scribez and Scalzi’s blog. Again, those sites could be accessed just fine before!


Nokia just stopped me from accessing three sites!

But it wasn’t through yet!

Calling up Junkiness gave me a goddammed undismissable dialog box that Flash 7 was required! With the prior software, I could dismiss that box by tapping Cancel. No longer!

A fourth critical site denied me!

I had to pull the battery out three times due to freezes. I had to hard reset it five times!

Congratulations again, Nokia, on a job very well fucked-up! You’ve made tech history by giving us repeated “updates” that are actually repeated downgrades of functionality.

I hope Palm comes out with a competing product and kills your fucking piece of shit!

I hope Apple’s iPhone wipes your goddammed company off the face of the earth!

Good fucking riddance to the whole fucking lot of you!

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It’s Time To Stop Looking At Cheap Devices!

April 11, 2007

UMPC News : Cowon Q5. HSDPA could make all the difference for CE based PMPs

As time goes on and I speak to more and more people about whether a CE or WM5 browser could ever compete with a full desktop browser like IE7 or Firefox, I am more and more convinced that the mini-browsers just wont keep up. Even my LX800 Kohjinsha and Pepper Pad 3 have troubles with some sites now as they get fatter and fatter and more demanding on the processor. Even my own product portal requires a surprising amount of client-side processing to get all the java script working. (Has anyone tried the product portal on a smartphone yet?)

Emphasis added by me.

Whoa. I don’t like hearing that about the Pepper Pad 3!

It’s something I was beginning to suspect: that the web is demanding more and more from any hardware that accesses it.

At this point, I think I’m going to have to cross off the Pepper Pad 3 as a possible buy.

There are even those who have complained about the Celeron-based UMPCs being slow. Which is why my lust is still focused on the Samsung Q1P. That Pentium makes a real difference.

I think as the web increases its demands, more and more budget devices are going to fall by the wayside.

For that fucking abomination from Nokia (see next post — above), it can’t happen too soon!

Steve’s (aka Chippy) comments above really make me wonder now about the upcoming Linux-based device from Palm. It needs to have a really powerful CPU. Using the same CPU as the Pepper Pad 3 and Raon Digital Vega just won’t do. (A Vega owner has complained about its browser going south too often too — and that’s MSIE!)

And, I shudder while typing this, it makes me wonder about the iPhone too! Maybe I won’t be one of the first on line for it after all…