It’s The People, Stupid!

That Unique Grindhouse Theatrical Experience Just Got Rarer

Wow, I have to just sit back and exclaim “wow!” How did we get to this? One of the best reviewed films of 2007 so far, plus one of the most widely publicized and hyped films (at least on the internet) with two solid weeks of emphasis, and it turns out such a poor weekend?

Hello? Do you really think anyone in their right fucking mind is going to sit in a darkened room with too few exits with the kind of people who have been looking forward to seeing that movie?

It takes a lot to get me into a movie theater. Every time I go, there are … other people. Many of whom have no fucking business being let out in public.

Big screen TVs sell like mad not because they are TVs — but because they allow a movie-like experience without the rest of the fucking audience.

That’s also why DVD revenues often exceed box office grosses.

I don’t want to sit next to you.

In fact, I never want to sit next to you.

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