It’s Time To Stop Looking At Cheap Devices!

UMPC News : Cowon Q5. HSDPA could make all the difference for CE based PMPs

As time goes on and I speak to more and more people about whether a CE or WM5 browser could ever compete with a full desktop browser like IE7 or Firefox, I am more and more convinced that the mini-browsers just wont keep up. Even my LX800 Kohjinsha and Pepper Pad 3 have troubles with some sites now as they get fatter and fatter and more demanding on the processor. Even my own product portal requires a surprising amount of client-side processing to get all the java script working. (Has anyone tried the product portal on a smartphone yet?)

Emphasis added by me.

Whoa. I don’t like hearing that about the Pepper Pad 3!

It’s something I was beginning to suspect: that the web is demanding more and more from any hardware that accesses it.

At this point, I think I’m going to have to cross off the Pepper Pad 3 as a possible buy.

There are even those who have complained about the Celeron-based UMPCs being slow. Which is why my lust is still focused on the Samsung Q1P. That Pentium makes a real difference.

I think as the web increases its demands, more and more budget devices are going to fall by the wayside.

For that fucking abomination from Nokia (see next post — above), it can’t happen too soon!

Steve’s (aka Chippy) comments above really make me wonder now about the upcoming Linux-based device from Palm. It needs to have a really powerful CPU. Using the same CPU as the Pepper Pad 3 and Raon Digital Vega just won’t do. (A Vega owner has complained about its browser going south too often too — and that’s MSIE!)

And, I shudder while typing this, it makes me wonder about the iPhone too! Maybe I won’t be one of the first on line for it after all…

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