Nokia Hätäkeino Sen Oma Peräruiske*

Nokia Need to Have a Look at Their Customer Service

Poor guy went and bought Son Of The Biggest Piece Shit Known To Man: The N800!

So after about a few weeks it loses all the settings and resets itself to virgin. “Ho-hum”, gadget teething probs, reload all the rss feeds, mail setup, wi-fi links, etc and thought no more of it.. until it did the same thing a couple of weeks later. Bit annoyed, set everything up again and carried on. We’re on two total data loss scenarios within a month and half of having the device here, not critical data, cos I ain’t that daft, but setting up a device repeatedly is not trivial.


I will also not be buying Nokia again, no matter how good the product appears to be, until I see people praising the customer service, rather than dissing it all over the world (Helsinki, India, USA, Britain).

My advice: Get your money back!

I didn’t go looking for this. I’m randomly touring WordPress blogs and this came to me.

*If InterTran did it correctly, that should read, in Finnish, as Nokia Makes Its Own Enemies

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