First Apologize For Being A Gutless Eejit, Then…

“I’m Sorry, Al Sharpton”

You may be the nicest person in the world. You may be Don Imus. It doesn’t matter.
If you’ve something wrong, you have to apologize.
You have to say you’re sorry.

To Al Sharpton.

EDIT: Hey! Where’d that photo go? I had to run out to the store. I thought about it. I deleted it for these reasons: 1) Even though the photo had a link to the source site, it was a photo of a private citizen as part of his disagreement with a judge; 2) I agreed totally with the sentiment but perhaps some people by not clicking on the photo would have thought it was me; 3) The person pictured probably would have objected and would have been right to!

So, I exchange it for this:

Bush FU

Now there’s someone who unapologetic!!

Second Edit: WordPress is dicking around with image uploads again. When that’s fixed, the picture will appear. Fuck. Timing is everything…

Third Edit:

–linkswipe via Junkiness

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