OK, Now What About The Happy-Headed Nos?

All of you smug Holier-than-thou Speech Nannies who thought driving Imus off the air was a “good day” in your sick ledgers, none of you get to whine when Michael Medved points out the blatant anti-God content of movies, or Jerry Falwell musters a sponsor boycott of your favorite TV program, or Pat Robertson gets his sleeper agents installed in various levels of your government.

Those “Christian” happy-heads have just had all their Nos legitimized by your mob action.

Do free speech advocates a favor, you self-appointed Nannies on both sides: Kill yourselves.

Or just shut the fuck up!

And now I link to The ‘Nigger’ Top 10 — and I hope you were eating when you read that title, you Nanny shits, and are choking to death with no one around to Heimlich you!

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