The Looting Of America Continues…

Who’s next to get screwed?

Truckers are proud of what they do, and consider themselves loyal Americans, generally trusting of Government, and frowning on those who dissent. However, I think that this frame of mind is about to change, if plans to implement the North American Union comes into being.

While mention of the North American Union has not yet received much media attention, details of this latest trade treaty between Canada, Mexico, and the US are beginning to leak out. One of the details which is causing considerable consternation to American truckers would allow Mexican truckers to ship all goods coming into the United States.

Mexican trucks and their drivers, though not held to the high safety standards to which their American counterparts are held, will be given access to the US highway system regardless. Nor will the Mexican truckers have to pay road use taxes as American truckers are required to do.

The idea of unsafe Mexican trucks bringing in goods made in Mexico and other foreign countries on roads paid for and maintained by the US taxpayer — while American truckers are shut out — is intolerable. While American truckers plan to protest, this latest move by the scoundrels in Washington should come as no surprise, being just a continuation of the selling out of America and the betrayal of the American people.

Because of the coming North American Union, which will make lower-paid labor readily available, the higher-paid American trucker will no longer be needed.

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