Girls Don’t Cry, Tomorrow, Thursday April 19 2007 11PM At The PussyCat Lounge In NYC

April 18, 2007

Pussycat Lounge
96 Greenwich St.
2 blocks South of World Trade Center/Ground Zero.
New York City

Phone: (212)349-4800

There’s directions and a map at their website.

This is what it looks like:

Pussycat Lounge 01

Pussycat Lounge 02

Pussycat Lounge 03

GDC Hannah prep
Awww, look. Hannah is already getting ready!
(I lie. This is from The Bitter End!)

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Blog Notes

April 18, 2007

Today is a light blogging day.

And tomorrow my plan is to put up just one post.

iPhone Delay? Yeah? So?

April 18, 2007

Could it be that John Dvorak was right?

Insider Says iPhone Quality Problems May Delay Launch

Han Hai (aka Foxconn) are concerned that the designs Apple have delivered for manufacturing are not robust enough and that the Apple software functions built into the phone are sucking juice out of the batteries to the extent that talk time is significantly compromised.

The rest of you can go wail and gnash your teeth. I’m through believing release dates. I’m more concerned with the final product being worth buying.

–linkswipe via Palm Addicts

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The Reviewer I Can Trust Gets Mad At Palm

April 18, 2007

Palm announces a ‘new’ date for Treo 700p MR

The gist of the deal is that Palm is now stating “…our best estimate of customer release will be the week of May 28th.” To be honest, if it was Paul making that statement personally, I would get excited. However, if you jump over to the blog, you see that it is just another bundle of smoke from Steve Sinclair, the Product Manager for Palm OS smartphones (i.e., its his fault).

Now, maybe I’m just feeling a wee bit snappy from having just watched ‘House, M.D.’ but isn’t this the same guy who denied that these problems were wide-spread back in December, 2006? Isn’t this the same guy who has issued and missed at least 2 previous “…estimated release dates…” for this very same patch?

It has to be Mr. Sinclair, because outside of the White House Press Secretary, no one else would have the brass to talk down to his audience with such contempt.

Far be it from me to let a Suit off the hook, but this is what I wrote over at Palm Infocenter (corrected text below):

Why Treos Are Different
mikecane @ 4/18/2007 11:36:53 AM #

I’ll link to the PA piece in my blog because I’ve linked to other pieces he’s written.

But what I think [this] highlights is just how different a Treo is from a PDA. I bet if this was a PDA, the fixes would have come out months earlier.

Putting aside the possibility of coding resource shortages (which just affected Apple’s Leopard), all things being equal people are forgetting that a Treo has to be approved by the carrier partners. A Treo is not just a Palm product. It’s a Palm-Sprint or Palm-Verizon or Palm-whatever product.

I really wonder if that accounts for some of the delays and if Sinclair just can’t openly say that without causing trouble.

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Photo Album: Wall Street Bull, Part Three

April 18, 2007

Photo taken April 17, 2007.

Wall Street Bull 3
These are kids. Kids, for Christ’s sake!

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What’s This Algorithm Stuff About Then?

April 18, 2007

Manhattan Bus Shelter ads. Photos taken, respectively, April 10 and April 17, 2007.

Algorithm 01

Algorithm 01a

Algorithm 02

Algorithm 02a

You Make Me Want To Fucking Scream. Endlessly.

April 18, 2007

Go check out the “conversation” about the Virginia Tech mass murder on the Hillary Rodham Clinton (gotta have all three trademarks, just like Microsoft Windows Vista!) campaign site.

And they can — and will! — vote.

Tip of the hat to The Rude Pundit.

Nope. I’m Still Not Done With The Imus Thing Yet.

April 18, 2007

Imus Agonistes by Jay Diamond

It would be nice if we had arrived at a teachable moment in the business of talk radio, but don’t bet on it. Don Imus’ firing over a flippant racially charged remark is already being described as a watershed; a turning point in what the public will accept from radio hosts.

Already, congratulations are flowing into the offices of broadcast managers for “doing the right thing.” Unfortunately, like so much of what commands our attention in the media, what passes for “news” is in reality a distraction from the real issue. Many of the same pundits and activists who went crazy when Don Imus made his offensive racial remark can be heard routinely yukking it up with the rabidly lying, low-brow, right-wing “hosts” who have brought about the degradation and humiliation of the United States through their willful dissemination of rank propaganda and their smearing of any leader, politician, commentator, or citizen, who dares deviate even one centimeter from Karl Rove’s officially embossed neo-con orthodoxies.

Jay Diamond is a towering giant among the intellectual midgets of talk radio hosts. It is unfortunate that he currently does not have an outlet. It seems that station managers would rather pander to a base audience (that they wish to remain base!) than to present a point of view that would cause listeners to actually think — and think for themselves.

What’s more, he can really fucking write. Now click on the link and go read.

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