Nope. I’m Still Not Done With The Imus Thing Yet.

Imus Agonistes by Jay Diamond

It would be nice if we had arrived at a teachable moment in the business of talk radio, but don’t bet on it. Don Imus’ firing over a flippant racially charged remark is already being described as a watershed; a turning point in what the public will accept from radio hosts.

Already, congratulations are flowing into the offices of broadcast managers for “doing the right thing.” Unfortunately, like so much of what commands our attention in the media, what passes for “news” is in reality a distraction from the real issue. Many of the same pundits and activists who went crazy when Don Imus made his offensive racial remark can be heard routinely yukking it up with the rabidly lying, low-brow, right-wing “hosts” who have brought about the degradation and humiliation of the United States through their willful dissemination of rank propaganda and their smearing of any leader, politician, commentator, or citizen, who dares deviate even one centimeter from Karl Rove’s officially embossed neo-con orthodoxies.

Jay Diamond is a towering giant among the intellectual midgets of talk radio hosts. It is unfortunate that he currently does not have an outlet. It seems that station managers would rather pander to a base audience (that they wish to remain base!) than to present a point of view that would cause listeners to actually think — and think for themselves.

What’s more, he can really fucking write. Now click on the link and go read.

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