The Reviewer I Can Trust Gets Mad At Palm

Palm announces a ‘new’ date for Treo 700p MR

The gist of the deal is that Palm is now stating “…our best estimate of customer release will be the week of May 28th.” To be honest, if it was Paul making that statement personally, I would get excited. However, if you jump over to the blog, you see that it is just another bundle of smoke from Steve Sinclair, the Product Manager for Palm OS smartphones (i.e., its his fault).

Now, maybe I’m just feeling a wee bit snappy from having just watched ‘House, M.D.’ but isn’t this the same guy who denied that these problems were wide-spread back in December, 2006? Isn’t this the same guy who has issued and missed at least 2 previous “…estimated release dates…” for this very same patch?

It has to be Mr. Sinclair, because outside of the White House Press Secretary, no one else would have the brass to talk down to his audience with such contempt.

Far be it from me to let a Suit off the hook, but this is what I wrote over at Palm Infocenter (corrected text below):

Why Treos Are Different
mikecane @ 4/18/2007 11:36:53 AM #

I’ll link to the PA piece in my blog because I’ve linked to other pieces he’s written.

But what I think [this] highlights is just how different a Treo is from a PDA. I bet if this was a PDA, the fixes would have come out months earlier.

Putting aside the possibility of coding resource shortages (which just affected Apple’s Leopard), all things being equal people are forgetting that a Treo has to be approved by the carrier partners. A Treo is not just a Palm product. It’s a Palm-Sprint or Palm-Verizon or Palm-whatever product.

I really wonder if that accounts for some of the delays and if Sinclair just can’t openly say that without causing trouble.

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