Hey, Canada! You’ve Got Someone Up There You Should Keep An Eye On!

This is how the description of his YouTube video begins:

Cho Seung-hui, martyr to globalism

And his blog is Gandhara

From which I give some selected quotes:

The Inaction off Good People the Root of Evil

Regarding the Cho Seung-Hui murder-suicide, Virginia Tech bears some responsibility in it happening.

IMHO Cho killed 32 people because he had lost face by December 2005 due to two incidents of harrassment reported to VTech but not aggressively pursued.


The Craziness of Culture (May Explain Cho Seung-Hui)

So, in my eyes, the DSM is like a Bible, the disorders being “dieties” similar to “daimons.” I feel they originate in behaviors used by people “diagnosed” with a “disorder” which soon stopped working to “protect” them from the suffering caused by “facing reality.”

In short, the DSM codes describe “daimons” which “possess” people.

This makes shrinks “exorcists”.

Think about it: your doc replaces the priest. Your meds are the means to “exorcise” demons with names like schizoaffective, bipolar etc. Further more, these are all “behavior disorders”.

For all the meds are for are to control and manage the behavior so it doesn’t annoy the neighbours.


The Three Faces of Cho Seung-Hui

Who’s this man the news calls Cho Seung-Hui? Obvious this creep outcreeps me.

Oh, and listen to his views! They are more weird than my words!


Things I’ve Learned from Seung Cho

11. Look! Proof there is another man creepier than I am!!


Of Debauchery, Deceitful Charlatans, Religion, Women and Rich Kids

From 7:30 to 9:00 am, back in my dorm room, I wrote eight pages of my manifesto in which I spoke of debauchery, deceitful charlatans, religion, women and rich kids.


Vive Libre the 33 Martyrs at Virginia Tech! ISMAIL AX!

Please hug an Asian today.

Cho Seung-hui too is going to heaven, since this world as we know it was his hell.


Cho Seung-Hui: “You caused me to do this!”

Cho is right though: debauchery is a pastime on campus these days. A lot of rich kids are actually deceitful charlatans.


Media Fabrication of War Not New

IMHO, Cho might be a “sleeper” from North Korea. His father might be his step-father, but we will never know. Korean permanent residents are not fond of openly discussing personal matters with the State.


Serial Murderer Killed 52

Thus Cho Seung-hui’s choice of day to kill (April 16) is apt. It’s symbolic to pick Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, as his day to murder 32 people and wound 15.

Emphasis is in the original text.

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