Kenneth Eng: I Hope The FBI Detains Your Sick Ass!

I mean, what the fuck? Is this true?

After watching self proclaimed “Asian Supremecist” Kenneth Eng’s (now removed) videoblog about how hilarious he thought the Virginia Tech Massacre was

Emphasis added by me.

This quote is taken from the description of an apparent YouTube video response, LX 4000 + Kenneth Eng + Dragons= True Love.

Shit like this always happens when I indulge myself and take a day off from the net…

If anyone has a copy of that video (fuck, I’ve told you people enough times how to rip net video!), or a link for where it is now hiding, email me.

Update: If anyone has the original YouTube link (if it was on YouTube to begin with), perhaps the video can still be retrieved using this. And don’t be so sensitive about my typing “you people” back there. It comes from the trauma of having listened to Rush Limbaugh for a while…

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