I Got To Sit In The Batmobile!!!

April 24, 2007

The Batmobile — the real one, from the classic Adam West TV series; not those post-Armageddon mockeries from the movies — came to Satan Staten Island!

Weep, wail, and gnash your teeth over these photos (I took over 200!!):

Batmobile bat
The iconic logo on the door

Batmobile tire
The iconic hubcaps. How cool is that?!

Batmobile face
Man, what a face!!!

Batmobile front2
The most beautiful car ever made. Ever!

Batmobile cockpit
Where they sat.

Batmobile sticks
Batmobile sticks.

Batmobile driver seat
Batman’s seat!

Batmobile extinguisher
Fire extinguisher. Safety First, Citizen!

Batmobile pedals
The pedals! And a Batmobile floormat!

Batmobile steering
Batmobile steering wheel. It’s fekkin huge!!

Batmobile dashboard 01
Batman’s view of the dashboard.

Bat instrument
Instrument on Batman’s side.

Batmobile dashboard 2
Robin’s view of the dashboard.

Batmobile Robin side
Robin’s side of the dashboard. Holy Instrumentation, Batman!

Batmobile scanner
Scanner on Robin’s side.

The Batphone! No doubt Bruce Wayne could afford his own cell network!

Batmobile hood
The hood. Look at those lines!

Batmobile front grill
Batmobile front grill detail. Man!!

Batmobile lines
Look at those lines! Sex on wheels!!

Batmobile rear grill
Batmobile rear grill detail. Wow!!

Batmobile rear underneath
Rear underneath. Batman doesn’t need no sissy shock absorbers!

Batmobile crest
Holy mystery! A crest on the side of the Batmobile. British?!!?

Not Batgirl
A member of the press gets to sit in it before me! She is not Batgirl!

George Barris 01
The Father of the Batmobile himself!

George Barris 02
George Barris!!

Barris autograph
I get his autograph!!

Batmobile touch
A few minutes after arriving, with no one looking, I sneak a touch!!

And that’s all the glimpse of my bod any of you will get in this blog! I’m not publishing the photo of me seated in the Batmobile. Too bad for you!

Final Batmobile

What a car! No, I don’t own it yet. But finally, after wanting to for decades and decades, I finally, finally got to see it in person and to sit in it!

It’s been a good day!

Thank you, George Barris, for making the greatest car in the history of mankind!

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Obey The Sign While I’m Gone

April 24, 2007

Photos taken April 23, 2007.


I have a chance to fulfill part of a decades-long dream today. So this might be all the blogging for today. Unless I return with pictures later. To make all of you weep in unbearable envy!!

Just remember who’s doing this blog too:


Now be good. I’ll Be Seeing You.


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