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Gerry Anderson UFO: Exposed [Update: Deleted as of June 27, 2007]

When test pilot Paul Foster witnesses a SHADO operation, he’s given a choice: join SHADO or die.

Fortunately for us, he chooses the former. :)

UFO YT Ed Bishop
Ed Bishop as Commander Ed Straker

UFO YT George Sewell
George Sewell as Alec Freeman

UFO YT Michael Billington
Michael Billington as Paul Foster

UFO YT typewriter
Look at her typewriter! No paper! No screen!

UFO YT wireless phone
Real cordless phones were less than a decade away!

UFO YT set 1
Gerry Anderson had the best sets.

UFO YT set 2
Wonderful set design

Even the signage had class and style!

UFO YT tape
Recording was still analog! Oops.

UFO YT Jean Marsh
Jean Marsh guest-starred in this episode, before Upstairs, Downstairs.

Oh look at the sets! The costumes! That wonderful Barry Gray music! Look at the typewriter Straker’s secretary uses in the futuristic year of 1980! When I saw that typewriter, I laughed. It was just so unbelievable! And the cordless phones? A nice futuristic touch, but in the 1970s (when I saw the series), it was a prop, not a vision of the future! Too bad we don’t today have all the rest: Moonbase, Skydiver, the Interceptors, SID, et al. We don’t even have Ed Bishop or Michael Billington anymore. They’ve passed. And, I just found out today, so has George Sewell.

Stingray! Submarine Before Thunderbirds

Not the stingray the got Steve Irwin. You can see most of Thunderbirds trademark features in this series which preceded it. From VHS 1992 recording when SciFi still had kid shows (if they only showed TB again! Even the new movie, pleeeez)

Stingray YT 01
Commander Shore was in a motorized wheelchair!

Stingray YT 02
Coincidentally, Troy resembled a young James Garner. Coincidentally!

Stingray YT 03
Oh, beauty!

Stingray YT 04
How exciting is that!!

Stingray YT 05
The sign of quality!

Stingray YT 06
Even the show logos were cool!

Gerry Anderson was embarrassed to discover that the real-life stingray is slow-moving. Not a fitting name for a fast submarine. It was still a cool name. The sports car did well with it! Note the hidden gadgetry. The production crew of the James Bond movies would watch Anderson productions for such ideas! A clip near eight minutes long with some Animation Station IDs and a Star Trek soundtrack commercial that offers cassette versions!

Captain Scarlet Base Hit and Crashing! [Update: Deleted as of June 27, 2007]

Dramatic scene of base under attack and crashing, closing credits with Spectrum band. From 1992 VHS recording of Sci Fi. I knew it would come in handy some day.

CS YT 01
Things are getting grim!

CS YT 02
Captain Blue, voice by Ed Bishop.

CS YT 03
Human hand used. By this time, an Actor’s Union hand, I’m sure!

CS YT 04
Colonel White near the end. Even in defeat, he has dignity!

CS YT 05
A mortally-wounded Cloudbase plummets to earth!

CS YT 06

CS YT 08
Symphony Angel. The Angels were all so sexy! Women fighter pilots!

CS YT 08a
The Spectrum logo. So damned cool!

CS YT 09
The Man Himself!

CS YT 11
Barwick was a genius. But it was just a job for him, not art!

CS YT 12
It’d never be as good as this ever again…

This is the classic Attack On Cloudbase episode in which Spectrum is defeated by the Mysterons in an all-out battle! Script by Tony Barwick, one of Anderson’s best writers. Note the contrast between the voices here and those in Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet. The voices are all adult. In the re-envisioned series, they mostly sound like adolescents (except for Colonel White, who is re-done perfectly). This series represented the pinnacle of Supermarionation and was really the end of the puppet productions (Joe 90 and The Secret Service we try to forget!). This eight-minute video contains not only the Captain Scarlet sequence, but the same Stingray sequence as above!

‘Thunderbirds ARE GO’ – Nestle Kit Kat

‘Thunderbirds ARE GO’ – Nestle Kit Kat

Nostalgia, TV/Radio Commercial
(British,mid 1990’s, lo res version)



Scott Tracy a slacker? I don’t think so!

Scott Tracy misses his Thunderbird 1 launch cue because of a snack! The real Scott would never do that.

Thunderbirds IR

In September 2005, a QuickTime video file titled Thunderbirds IR was released on several P2P networks. It opens with music by Barry Gray and a few clips of the classic Thunderbirds 1 through 4 launching, then shows several scenes from an intended new Thunderbirds series from Carlton Television. The trailer made with a combination of computer-generated imagery and puppetry depicts scenes including internal sets, external settings, and a sleekly-redesigned Thunderbird 1, Scott Tracy, The Hood, and the rescue of a falling lighthousekeeper. Scott Tracy is seen to walk, and perform a backflip.

The trailer stated that a new Thunderbirds series would be coming in 2005 from Carlton Television and displays a phone number. The series was developed by Carlton with David Freedman as executive producer and David Mercer who was heading the Children’s Department at Carlton at the time. Greg Johnson and Bob Forward were lead writers and Asylum did all the set builds and puppet work. Tim Field was line producer. Dave Throssel and a small team from The Mill TV Dept did the CG work. Steve Clarke directed the short. Gerry Anderson met the Carlton team in the early days of development and gave his full blessing. However, when Granada and Carlton merged, the series was shelved until further notice.


Ok, this is where it gets weird. That first paragraph? That’s my text! I wrote that in the wikipedia Thunderbirds entry (before wikipedia became a closed union shop!). I think this promo is a fucking abomination. But I’m including it because of the additional information not previously known in that second paragraph. I don’t care that Gerry Anderson approved of this. It’s just utter shit! I’m glad it never happened. Sorry, Gerry! I hate it so much, it gets just one screensnap.

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