Warren Ellis Has A Crooked Little Brain. And I Thank God For It, Too!

Warren Ellis’s Crooked Little VeinPublishers Weekly interview

Vein book

Oh my god. This is the funniest and wittiest interview I have ever read in my life! It’s as if Joyce Cary’s Gulley Jimson came to life and sat down with a few pints and spoke his mind.

Three brilliant snips:

PWCW: What kind of audience did you have in mind while you were writing? Were you primarily hoping to reach existing fans of your comics or a new readership entirely?

WE: People who can read. I like those. Also, people with money.


PWCW: Many of the scenes in CLV feature sexually explicit subject matter, including scrotal infusion and Godzilla porn. Were there any attempts by your publisher to censor or tone down the more provocative content?

WE: Absolutely none. Honestly, I think they wanted more sex. You know book people. They are all quite prodigious perverts.


PWCW: With Listener, you’ll be moving from a detective story to a postapocalyptic sci-fi tale. What was your inspiration?

WE: I think every English writer has to produce a postapocalypse novel in the end, don’t they? It’s in the operating manual or something. They kick you out of the country if you don’t, and then you have to become French. It’s a cruel world.

Oh, I am so holding myself back from calling the publisher to weasel an ARC!

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