Blog Closed For Today

April 26, 2007

And maybe until WordPress gets this bug worked out.

I’ve got more photos to post!

I’d already been thinking of a second, photo-only blog, too.

No, I don’t want to shunt photos off to Flickr. I fucking hate Flickr! Whenever I post things there, I can never find them using either word or tag search.

Anyway, I’m pulling down the riot gates.

No more blogging for this day.

Blog Maintenance

April 26, 2007


It seems I have used up all my free photo filespace! 50MB went fast!

I want to go through the blog and, where possible, rescale all large images down to what I’ve standardized on: 320×240. If there are any large images you want (many are Girls Don’t Cry posters), better run and get them now.

But right now there’s a WordPress bug that’s preventing me from accessing my stash of photos.

When that’s fixed, things might be a little hinky around here and I go about sorting things.

Beemageddon: Fungus Among Us

April 26, 2007

Experts may have found what’s bugging the bees
A fungus that hit hives in Europe and Asia may be partly to blame for wiping out colonies across the U.S.

A fungus that caused widespread loss of bee colonies in Europe and Asia may be playing a crucial role in the mysterious phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder that is wiping out bees across the United States, UC San Francisco researchers said Wednesday.

Researchers have been struggling for months to explain the disorder, and the new findings provide the first solid evidence pointing to a potential cause.

But the results are “highly preliminary” and are from only a few hives from Le Grand in Merced County, UCSF biochemist Joe DeRisi said. “We don’t want to give anybody the impression that this thing has been solved.”


Besides producing honey, commercial beehives are used to pollinate a third of the country’s agricultural crops, including apples, peaches, pears, nectarines, cherries, strawberries and pumpkins. Ninety percent of California’s almond crop is dependent on bees, and a loss of commercial hives could be devastating.

We’ll all be eating Soylent Green before too long…

–linkswipe via reddit

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Reference: Google Maps And NYC Subway

April 26, 2007


Which just informed me that there is no direct subway service to the M. Dylan Raskin event at Barnes & Noble tonight.

So I will most likely not be attending.

Dammit, why didn’t they put him at one most subway rats could get to?!!?

Please Don’t Do An Experiment With Sex!

April 26, 2007

Peeps, Smoking & Alcohol

Who thinks up things like this? And why?

What Other Stuff Does Microsoft Have Hidden?

April 26, 2007

The Most Revolutionary Microsoft Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

It is also yet another reminder that the top one percent of engineers are of an entirely different ilk than the rest of us. It’s not that the quality or quantity of their work is untouchable (though it comes close); rather, it comes down to the completeness of their work and the ease with which they do it, like they were jumping over a puddle. Capable of glimpsing a sublime solution to a problem and sketching it up without syntax errors in the back pages of a Moleskine notebook, the top one percent of engineers are the technological equivalent of a three-year old solving a Rubik’s cube or a twelve-year old scoring symphonies for the New Haven Symphony Orchestra. They can bind creativity to purpose and realize it with great fidelity.

Henrik and George are in that top one percent.

It’s too early in the day for me to think about all of the implications of this. At first glance, it does seem as revolutionary as all hell. But I don’t know how it’d affect the average user who owns just a single PC.

The Algorithm Is!

April 26, 2007

Bloody hell.

Earlier I posted these pictures.

Earlier this week I saw this one:

Algorithm China 01

Algorithm China 01a

This time I stopped to examine the poster. In the lower left corner was ASK.COM! Bloody hell!

Here I was all hyped-up for some incredible math-based movie, with perhaps graphics greater than the visualizations in A Beautiful Mind, and this campaign turns out to be for a search engine, not a movie!

I should have caught on when I saw that mention of Jeeves.

Or I should have simply examined the poster carefully to begin with!

Anyway, Bah!