No Blogging This Weekend

April 27, 2007

No, really. I’m going to devote this weekend to having an intense relationship with my Hawkins Machine.

Come back Monday.

Play with all the old posts in the meantime. Nicely.

And go buy Raskin’s book for your mom.

Note To Self: Stop Looking At Shoes (They’re Ugly Anyway!)

April 27, 2007

If you want to persuade a woman, look straight at her

There is a considerable body of research showing that eye contact is a key component of social interaction. Not only are people more aroused when they are looked at directly, but if you consistently look at the person you speak to, you will have much more social influence over that person than you would if you averted your gaze.

The problem arises when you address a group of people. How do you pick who to engage visually? Most public speakers are encouraged to look around the room, alternating eye contact with individuals in the audience. But there’s no way to look at everyone at once — so some of your potential social influence will by necessity be lost.

Now, a team led by Jeremy Bailenson has figured out a way to get around that limitation. In a virtual reality environment, there is no need for the representations of other people to be consistent. Since each individual’s virtual experience is generated separately, in a “room” full of people, each person could experience the phenomenon of everyone else looking at them. Everyone can be the center of attention, all at the same time!

–linkswipe via reddit

We Will All Be Poor And Starving Thanks To Greed And A Lack Of Bees

April 27, 2007

Jeremy Grantham: All the World’s a Bubble

“The bursting of [this] bubble will be across all countries and all assets, with the probable exception of high-grade bonds,” Grantham warned. “Since no similar global event has occurred before, the stresses to the system are likely to be unexpected. All of this is likely to depress confidence and lower economic activity.”

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New P2P Tool To Help Kill The RIAA And MPAA

April 27, 2007

Akamai Releases FoxTorrent 1.0 – Firefox BitTorrent Add-on

Red Swoosh (acquired by Akamai for $15 million earlier this month) released v1.0 of FoxTorrent today. This is a fully functional BitTorrent client for Firefox that works cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and has a very cool additional feature – the ability to stream files as they are downloading.

At some point I will have to try this…

The Fall Of Ken Kutaragi

April 27, 2007

PlayStation Creator Resigns As Chief of Sony Unit

TOKYO — Ken Kutaragi, who created Sony Corp.’s PlayStation videogame business, resigned yesterday, giving up his leadership role at the company at a time when his biggest technological gamble to date — the PlayStation 3 — is lagging behind rivals.

The electronics company said Mr. Kutaragi, the 56-year-old chairman and chief executive of the Sony Computer Entertainment unit, will leave his post in June, though he will serve as honorary chairman and support Chief Executive Howard Stringer as senior technology adviser. In a statement, Sony said Mr. Kutaragi “decided to pursue his dreams beyond PlayStation.”

Translation: I am three to five years ahead of everyone this time, but Sony is impatient. This would not have happened under other leadership. Patience is lacking at Sony in these desperate days. Desperate days which are hardly my fault. Sony would likely not exist today if my original PlayStation hadn’t been built! I shall return. With victory!

I believe in you, Kutaragi. You will be vindicated! By the way, see my prior post about the Hawkins Machine. Is that just made for a CELL chip or what?

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You Can Now Play With A Hawkins Machine!

April 27, 2007

I think the term I’m coining will be remembered and used in future years as much as Turing Machine has been.

Palm Infocenter reports that Tech Center Labs has created a wee program based upon the brain/mind research of Palm Computing founder Jeff Hawkins, as detailed in his book On Intelligence and as recently released by his company Numenta, Inc.

I’ve personally been waiting for something like this for years. Although it’s not my ideal input UI, I’m going to pound on this thing during the weekend and see what results.

Go grab a copy — it’s free! — and use your imagination.

By the way, since my LifeDrive is not yet among the living, I’ve loaded this baby on my antique Sony CLIE S320and it runs fine! Excellent programming, TCL!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

SoHo Apple Store Today April 27 2007 @ 4PM: Joel & Ethan Coen

April 27, 2007

Holy cow.

I should have read my email earlier!

The brilliant Coen Brothers are going to be at the Apple SoHo Store today at 4PM!

Joel and Ethan Coen
Hear Oscar-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen talk about their filmmaking experiences, including how they used Final Cut Pro to edit their films Intolerable Cruelty, The Ladykillers and the upcoming No Country for Old Men. (Special Event)

Goddam. That’s gives me like ten minutes to decide if I should shut down the blog and haul ass…

…thirty-second think: No. I’ll have to skip this. It’s bound to be packed. People will already be there. I don’t have any desire to stand on the sidelines.

Blogging resumes…

…but if you can get there ASAP, go!