Help Out The Excellent Band OttO Vector!

Read carefully and obey:


This is the last week to vote for Otto Vector on MTV University’s Best Music on Campus Contest. Voting will end this Friday, April 27th, at 5 p.m. If we win we will recieve a full recording contract with Epic Records and the band will be revealed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien! There still will be one more round after the top 15, so help us at least get that far. We appreciate everyones help.


MTV U voting link

I’ve mentioned them briefly in past blog entries. I hope to do a writeup of them (please cooperate, Renee!) at some point.

But right now, go help them out!

They’re an excellent band and you can sample some of their work at that voting link as well as at their MySpace page.

There are just a little over three hours to go as I post this. Click the link, click Vote. It takes seconds, but it’ll show The Man! Next year you’ll be asked to vote for Presidential candidates who are all multi-millionaires who haven’t personally stepped foot in a supermarket in years. You think your vote will really matter? That any of those candidates will really be grateful?

Here’s a chance to cast a vote that really counts. Do it now!

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