The Fall Of Ken Kutaragi

PlayStation Creator Resigns As Chief of Sony Unit

TOKYO — Ken Kutaragi, who created Sony Corp.’s PlayStation videogame business, resigned yesterday, giving up his leadership role at the company at a time when his biggest technological gamble to date — the PlayStation 3 — is lagging behind rivals.

The electronics company said Mr. Kutaragi, the 56-year-old chairman and chief executive of the Sony Computer Entertainment unit, will leave his post in June, though he will serve as honorary chairman and support Chief Executive Howard Stringer as senior technology adviser. In a statement, Sony said Mr. Kutaragi “decided to pursue his dreams beyond PlayStation.”

Translation: I am three to five years ahead of everyone this time, but Sony is impatient. This would not have happened under other leadership. Patience is lacking at Sony in these desperate days. Desperate days which are hardly my fault. Sony would likely not exist today if my original PlayStation hadn’t been built! I shall return. With victory!

I believe in you, Kutaragi. You will be vindicated! By the way, see my prior post about the Hawkins Machine. Is that just made for a CELL chip or what?

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