You Can Now Play With A Hawkins Machine!

I think the term I’m coining will be remembered and used in future years as much as Turing Machine has been.

Palm Infocenter reports that Tech Center Labs has created a wee program based upon the brain/mind research of Palm Computing founder Jeff Hawkins, as detailed in his book On Intelligence and as recently released by his company Numenta, Inc.

I’ve personally been waiting for something like this for years. Although it’s not my ideal input UI, I’m going to pound on this thing during the weekend and see what results.

Go grab a copy — it’s free! — and use your imagination.

By the way, since my LifeDrive is not yet among the living, I’ve loaded this baby on my antique Sony CLIE S320and it runs fine! Excellent programming, TCL!

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

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