Everyone Knows What To Do About Everyone Else (Not That I’m Any Goddammed Exception!)

Why It’s Sometimes Immoral To Treat The Poor and Uneducated As Equals (A Libertarian Essay)

When I see this two things happen to me: first I get angry at those who are buying the crap, and then I relax and realize that they’re just trapped in a cycle of failure that they don’t know how to pull out of. Then I ask the inevitable question: what is society doing to help these people?

The answer is nothing. Why are we doing nothing? Two reasons:

1. Liberals don’t do anything because they lack the balls to stand up and say, “These people are not capable of knowing what’s best for themselves; they need help making decisions for themselves, much like children.” They’re politically correct pussies, basically, and their will to be PC is causing harm to the world.

2. Conservatives, on the other hand, don’t do anything because they don’t give a fuck about these people. They’re happy to chant along with the liberals about “equality” just so long as at it keeps the poor, uneducated people funding their childrens’ education. But in fact they know damn well these people aren’t “deciding” anything. They’re programmed to do blue-collar work (or absorb government assistance), reproduce, watch T.V., buy DVDs, and spend any money they have on alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets. Conservatives like them this way because as long as there’s an under-class there can be higher ones.

Essays such as this really piss me off. I don’t have the time to write my objections. Instead, I again refer people to John Scalzi’s two excellent first-hand threads:

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