More Reasons To Hate My Fellow Males (Who Aren’t Men)

April 30, 2007

Sexual Threats Stifle Some Female Bloggers

A female freelance writer who blogged about the pornography industry was threatened with rape. A single mother who blogged about “the daily ins and outs of being a mom” was threatened by a cyber-stalker who claimed that she beat her son and that he had her under surveillance. Kathy Sierra, who won a large following by blogging about designing software that makes people happy, became a target of anonymous online attacks that included photos of her with a noose around her neck and a muzzle over her mouth.

You fucking swine. You sit at home with your limp dicks that even vasoconstrictive drugs can’t help and take out your pent-up sexual frustration on women who are your betters in so many ways: sociability, education, and, especially!, language skills. Women on the Net should have special computers with a keyboard button labeled Kill This Bastard. I wouldn’t miss them. Nor would anyone else.

Let Him Wear The Goddammed Dress!

April 30, 2007

Transgender teen: School discriminated

A male Fort Worth high school student who has been dressing as a girl has been suspended from school.

Rodney Evans, a 15-year-old sophomore at Eastern Hills High School, said officials told him he was being suspended Thursday for disrupting school with foul language, but he contends the real reason was because he is a transgender male who cross-dresses.

Rodney Evans says he was suspended from Fort Worth’s Eastern Hills High School primarily because of his appearance, not his actions.

“When I try and do the whole cross-dressing thing, everything just blows up in my face,” he said Friday. “I can’t be who I am. They basically stripped me of who I am.”

The kid has guts. He knows who he is. Moreso than the Nazi adults oppressing him. Leave him alone.

The Church of Ed Wood, Jr.

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The Fat Boy. Accent On Boy.

April 30, 2007

Rush to Judgment
Attacking environmentalists as hippie-dip “wackos” who care more about spotted owls than people and use polar bears for propaganda, Rush Limbaugh has blinded millions of Americans to the climate crisis.

Anyone can make mistakes, and anyone doing a three-hour broadcast five times a week is likely to make lots of them, but Limbaugh’s mistakes all lean in the same direction and leave the impression that they’re intended to obfuscate and make fact-checking as time-consuming, painstaking, and futile as picking shrapnel out of the wall or mopping up after Ann Coulter. Goebbels propagated the theory and practice of the Big Lie, in which constant thumping reiteration wears down rational resistance and fuses heartbeat and drumbeat. Postmodern conservatives prefer to let little lies proliferate and take on a viral life of their own that becomes impossible to arrest.

Three hours of day listening to him versus three hours a day reading. No wonder the Right is so goddammed stupid.

Fuck You And Your PC And Your MC

April 30, 2007

PC = Political Correctness = The New Nazism
MC = Multiculturalism = The New Fifth Column

Johann Hari: How multiculturalism is betraying women

The crux case centres on a woman called Nishal, a 26-year-old Moroccan immigrant to Germany with two kids and a psychotic husband. Since their wedding night, this husband beat the hell out of her. She crawled to the police covered in wounds, and they ordered the husband to stay away from her. He refused. He terrorised her with death threats.

So Nishal went to the courts to request an early divorce, hoping that once they were no longer married he would leave her alone. A judge who believed in the rights of women would find it very easy to make a judgement: you’re free from this man, case dismissed.

But Judge Christa Datz-Winter followed the logic of multiculturalism instead. She said she would not grant an early divorce because – despite the police documentation of extreme violence and continued threats – there was no “unreasonable hardship” here.

Why? Because the woman, as a Muslim, should have “expected” it, the judge explained. She read out passages from the Koran to show that Muslim husbands have the “right to use corporal punishment”. Look at Sura 4, verse 34, she said to Nishal, where the Koran says he can hammer you. That’s your culture. Goodbye, and enjoy your beatings.

You “sensitive” motherfuckers will hang one day. Just make sure, on that glorious day, you are “sensitive” to our need to be rid of you. So carry a fucking rope!

In Praise Of South Park’s Matt Stone

April 30, 2007

South Park has a silent partner

Stone and Trey Parker are both listed as executive producers of South Park, and they appear jointly for most interviews about the show. But Stone hasn’t been credited with writing an episode in years. For the last eight seasons, Parker has written every episode, with Stone and a few staff writers contributing ideas but not full scripts. Parker now directs every episode as well. Most of the regular and guest characters are voiced by Parker, though Stone still handles the voices he did in the original pilot, Kyle and Kenny (who no longer gets killed every week). So while Matt Stone is still the “executive producer,” does he do much to earn that title?

Some fans insist that he doesn’t. Mocking Stone is a regular pastime among people who discuss South Park on message boards; a typical posting reads: “Trey writes every episode and then does the majority of the voices and most of the music while Matt sits around and laughs at Trey to encourage him.” And it’s obviously true that Parker is responsible for South Park as the crude, foul-mouthed work of art it is, and Stone really isn’t. But producing a TV series entails more than just the artistry. That’s where Stone comes in.

God Almighty, every writer should have an agent like this. Stone, you are among the Angels Themselves!

And you asswipes on the message boards: Shut The Fuck Up. Don’t you have lives?

My Kenneth Che-Tew Eng Transcript Is Correct

April 30, 2007

I’ve seen two posts elsewhere — I will not link to them — that have cast aspersions on my transcript of the Kenneth Eng video.

Hey, you doubters: Get off your ass and send me an email. I’ll be glad to give you a copy. You can play it and read my transcript to fact-check it for yourself. Or is that too much fucking effort for you?

And I said in that post that anyone can freely duplicate it. This includes “legitimate” news outlets, even CNN or Fox News Channel. If some people are hesitant to link to “just a blog” (an actual quote from some snob bastard!), fine, convince a site that meets your snooty standards to clone my electrons. Just make sure they link back to me. That’s my only request.

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Sony, You Are Sick!

April 29, 2007

Slaughter: Horror at Sony’s depraved promotion stunt with decapitated goat

Ken Kutaragi: God In The Machine

April 28, 2007

Exclusive: Outgoing Sony exec Kutaragi already planning PS4

TOKYO — Playstation inventor Ken Kutaragi, who will retire as chairman and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. on June 19, is already thinking ahead to Playstation 4 and beyond.

In an exclusive interview with EE Times, Kutaragi said: “As a matter of course, I have the vision of Playstation 4, 5 and 6, which will merge into the network.”

It is too bad Kutaragi cannot speak English fluently. He needs to be at Apple. He would be a good successor to Steve Jobs.

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iPhone: Battery Life Is Good

April 28, 2007

iPhone’s true battery-life to surprise us – source

Since Apple announced the iPhone in January, there has been a lot of buzz around the possible issues that the V1.0 of the product – due in June – could suffer. The biggest concern being its battery life as some reports claimed it could fall short in some cases. Source we can trust but we can’t name now says: “these reports are bullshit!”

I should have stuck with my first instinct that thought it was bullshit.

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Palm-Based Hawkins Machine Disappoints

April 28, 2007

I entered 374 data results (yes, by hand, on that grid!!) to try to get a prediction.

It takes 2:34 for the beast to load on my ancient CLIE S320 with that amount of data.

It seems some vector files broke and I kept getting a wrong prediction. (It takes about 3 minutes for it to predict on my sloooow CLIE!)

With my initial ~35 test entries, the prediction I got was screwy — it was recursive! — but after examing the source data, I could see why it came up with that prediction.

The program author suggests I try M-5 Neural Network Computer 1.0 instead. Agh, what a beast!

I’m also wondering what the desktop version of the Numenta software would do…

That’s all for this weekend.

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