Ah. What Wonders There Would Have Been!

May 2, 2007

Millenium Virtual Season 5 – Opening Credits — YouTube

Millennium5 01

Millennium5 02

Millennium4 04

Millennium5 04

Millennium4 06

Millennium5 05

Ah. What Might Have Been!

May 2, 2007

Millennium Opening Titles Season 4 — YouTube

Millennium4 01

Millennium4 02

Millennium4 03

Millennium4 04

Millennium4 05

Millennium4 06

Millennium4 07

I Have Blog Fatigue Today

May 2, 2007

Millennium 01

Millennium 02

Millennium 03

Kenneth Che-Tew Eng Evil Video Is On YouTube Again

May 2, 2007

Someone posted a molested version on YouTube, titled Kenneth Eng on the Awesome Virginia Tech Event. Update: It’s been deleted from YouTube. Try to resurrect it via Delutube. See below.

Second Update: The video ID is supposed to be zp2ZvAqsIBE but this does not bring it back via Delutube. I’m sleptical of the ability of that service to resurrect pulled YouTube vids. My offer here still stands. Still no takers as of 5/8/07.

I can’t stand to watch that fucking thing again. I bailed at 2:08.

The molestation involves, at least in the part I saw, a new title superimposed on the screen:

Kenneth Eng molosted YT01
Kenneth Eng molosted YT01b

Now go compare it to my transcript.

If it disappears, paste its URL into this and try to revive it for your personal viewing.

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