More Good Neighbors On YouTube!

In a previous post I linked to several clips from the immortal classic Britcom The Good Life (known here in the US as Good Neighbors).

Well, some maniac has gone and flaunted the DMCA and put up several entire episodes of this wonderful series! They’re each divided into three sections.

I’m constrained in posting photos, so all I can do is provide this link which will start your journey into hilarity. [Update: You’re too late! As of June 23, 2007, the account was closed. All gone!]

Remember, Firefox users, DownloadHelper is your best friend. Right click to set Preferences for Normal instead of One By One so you can get them quickly before they’re gone.

If you like what you see, go buy the series on DVD! Consider generosity such as this as a free sneak preview. Support great series!

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