Samsung Intros The Q1U In NYC And Blows It: Doesn’t Invite Me!

Samsung, you eejits! Where’s your crack PR firm? How did they miss my posts about the Q1 here and my lust for it?

Hell, my write-ups of M. Dylan Raskin‘s two books got me on Barnes & Noble’s PR list for his appearance!

Look at you: Outdone by a book publisher!

Well, tough on ya. I wasn’t able to crash Samsung Experience to get a fondle and free eats, but I do have the printed press kit!

And I’m using the Apple Store to type this blog entry! I would rather have done it live on a Q1U. See how you screwed yourself, Samsung?

As usual, Samsung is sticking with buyer-hostile designations. They are: Q1U-EL NP-Q1UAY00, Q1U-XP, Q1U-V NP-Q1UA000, and Q1U-CMV.

What I find real screwy is that the Q1U-EL NP-Q1UAY00 (thank god for Copy & Paste!) lacks the SD/MMC slot! That’s right! Did they put something else in that unit? Nothing that I can find. What’s stranger: it runs Microsoft Windows Vista (get those 3 fekkin TMs in!) Home Premium! You’d think the XP one would be the one they screwed like that. But no. The XP one does indeed have the SD/MMC slot! Good! This low-end Q1U-EL NP-Q1UAY00 also has a 40GB HD. The XP one has a 60GB HD. This leads me to believe that the XP one will not be the bargain-price of $799, dammit.

Yeah, I just pulled out the pricing. Read it and weep:

Q1U-EL – “back to school” special @ $799.

Q1U-XP – $1,149.00!!! (Bastards!!)

Q1U-V – $1,199.00.

Q1U-CMW – HSDPA-enabled at $1,499.00.

Piss me off twice in one day, Samsung, after getting me all worked up over that $800 entry-level price!

Bloody hell!

Now I will piss off Samsung: If you want the official press material, go right here!

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