The China Syndrome

China Tells Little About Illness That Kills Pigs, Officials Say

HONG KONG, May 7 — A mysterious epidemic is killing pigs in southeastern China, but international and Hong Kong authorities said Monday that the Chinese government was providing little information about it or the contaminated wheat gluten that has caused death and illness in pets in the United States.

The lack of even basic details is reviving longstanding questions about whether China is willing to share information about health and food safety issues with potentially global implications.

The Chinese government — and particularly the government of Guangdong Province, which is next to Hong Kong — was criticized in 2003 for concealing information about the SARS virus when it emerged in Foshan, 95 miles northwest of Hong Kong. After SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, spread to Hong Kong and around the world, top Chinese officials promised to improve disclosure.

But officials in Hong Kong, at the World Health Organization and at the Food and Agriculture Organization said Monday that they had been told almost nothing about the latest pig deaths and that they had been given limited details about the apparently unrelated problem of wheat gluten contamination.

Because pigs can catch many of the same diseases as people, including bird flu, the W.H.O. and F.A.O. maintain global networks to track and investigate unexplained patterns of pig deaths.

China is beginning to have a worse reputation than post-Soviet Russia. Had the Russians not fucked up their post-Soviet freedom by handing over their country to gangsters, most of our products would have Made In Russia labels on them instead of Made In China.

Hey, China, this shit just doesn’t fly in the 21st century. You’re exporting to the entire fucking world, so stop acting like a loner grade-school shit and start acting like a real adult. When something happens in your country, it affects the whole planet. Start acting like you live on it.

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