The World Is Filled With Madness

Band are Cute Klux Klan

WITH their angelic smiles, blue eyes and straight blonde hair, Prussian Blue look like any other teenybop girl band.

But sweet-looking Lamb and Lynx Gaede don’t sing about young love and heartache.

The 13-year-old twins’ lyrics are filled with racial hatred and preach white supremacist views.

The girls, now America’s most controversial pop act, have been performing their sickening hits since they were aged just nine.

Walking on to the stage, which usually has a giant swastika as a backdrop, guitarist Lamb and violinist Lynx often give Nazi Sieg Heil salutes to the crowd.

Then they belt out lyrics such as: “A holy creed of racial purpose/A mighty race to defend/And when we fly our holy flag/Their oppressive reign shall end.”

After first appearing at Holocaust denial events, such as Folk The System which are sponsored by neo-Nazi groups, they signed a contract with white supremacist label Resistance Records. Other bands signed to the label include the Angry Aryans.

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